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Sunday, November 01, 2009
Dubai Trip Day 1

    Yeap, I went to Dubai last month. Before I start to talk about the trip... I would like to bitch about MAS airlines. A 7 hour flight without ANY PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT SCREEN?!?!?!? I can die of boredom seriously if not for my MP3 player and PSP...


    Bitching aside... I landed at the Dubai International Airport around 3am local time. The first thing I feel when I stepped out from the Airport... Freaking HOT! The night time temperature is about the same as the daytime temperature in Malaysia... Imagine how hot it can be during the daytime...

I wonder how the camels can withstand the heat there

    Went back to rest at sister's apartment before going out for my first ever sight seeing in Dubai. The first place we covered is Madinat Jumeirah. Its widely known as the souk, which means traditional Arabic market.

Madinat Jumeirah, modernly traditional market. ^_^

    The architecture  and design looks like an open-air souk right? Well, don't be fooled. The whole building is equipped with air-cons. its a great example of fusion between traditional and modern design. Items like souvenir, traditional clothings, painting, house decorations and shisha are widely available here. Just watch out for the price tag before you get anything as not everything is cheap.

Yea, a stall selling shishas only! Bet somebodeh's eyes will go @_@

Me and my sis in front of the stall

    Just outside from the souk, there's classy dining place all around the waterfront. Just opposite the water front are two resort hotels. There's even boat services for hotel guest to go around the waterfront. Of course, not to forget is the magnificant view of the Burj Al-Arab, the proclaimed first ever "7 star" hotel in the world.

One of the dining place by the waterfront

Guest from the hotel taking a ride on the sampan-like boat

I am touching the tip of the 7 star hotel XP

    Next stop, Dubai Mall. Totally different from Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Mall is arguably the biggest mall in the world. The mall itself have an indoor theme park, aquarium, ice skating rinks, cinemas and of course gazillion shops! I bet even shopaholics can't even cover every single shop in the mall in a week time. ^_^

(clocwise from top left) Part of the Dubai Mall, Ice-Rink,
Dubai Aquarium and the Fountain.

The Fountain: You dive, I... fly?

A chance to be a spoilt ruler for 10 seconds. XP

    A short walk out from the mall, there's plenty of wonderful scenery and buildings to look at. The Souk Al Bahar is just opposite Dubai Mall, the tallest building in the world Burj Dubai is within sight and of course the Burj Dubai Lake with Musical Fountain performance from 7pm onwards. By the time we were there, its just about sunset time and we spent a lot of time there snapping the sunset pics. ^_^

I must say, I am impressed with the overall building designs there

Me, Burj Dubai and the sunset. ^_^

Wonder if the structure taste as good as it looks?

Nice sunset view

    Dinner was at the Souk Al Bahar in a Thai cuisine shop call the Mango Tree. By far this is the grandest thai food I ever had. We took the A-La Carte Buffet special and the food are definitely worth the money. We started off with the welcome snacks and appetizer.

Welcome to Mango Tree, where there will be
no mango tree around XP

Comfy sofa with pillows, makes me wanna sleep
there after dinner

The welcome snacks, crackers with sauce and dates.

Appetizer consist of beef satay, meatballs, pohpia and
Thai-style Veges. I just LOOOOOOOOVE the meatballs!

    Next up, is the choice between a few Thai specialty soups. Both me and my sis chose the Tom Yum Goong, always the choice when it comes to Thai soup and we didn't regret it. The prawn is so fresh and the Tom Yum is very rich in flavor! Will kill for another bowl right now... >_<

Among of the best Tom Yum Goong I tried

    There's 8 dishes to choose from for the main course. Me and my sis decided to try all of them. First up, introducing the least favorite among the 8 dishes. Tow Hoo Nam Daeng (toufu and bok choi with brown sauce), Nua Phad Grapow (minced beef with holy basil and red chilies), Planungmanow (steamed fillet of hammour with spicy lemon sauce) and Gai Phad Med Ma-Maung (stir fried chicken with cashew nuts). Tried something similar like these a lot of times, thus none of these leave a deep impression.

(clocwise from top left) The toufu, beef, fish and chicken.

    Next up, the other 4 dishes which I think are excellent. Pho Phad Phong Ka Ree (stir fried mud crab in yellow curry), Nua Yong Nam Tok (marinated rib eye steak), Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai (chicken fillet in gree curry sauce) and Phad Thai Jay (rice noodles with tofu and vegetables in phad thai sauce). Although the picture does not look that presentable, the mud crab is the best dish for the night in my opinion. The not so thick yellow curry covering the crab meat are simply delicious. The best thing I love about the other 3 dishes are the sauce that comes with it.

(clocwise from top left) The mud crab, rib eye steak, green curry
and rice noodle.

    Throughout our dinner, we saw the Musical Fountain performance for about four times. Each time with a different Middle East music. The lights and water move in rhythm with the musics being played.

Musical fountain to entertain the crowds

    All good things have to come to an end BUT not before we have our desserts! A choice between fruit platter and the dessert of the day, Mango Ice Cream and Cheese Cake. The dessert of the day won our heart that night not only for it appearance but also for its great taste.

The dessert of the day: Mango Ice Cream and Cheese Cake

Fruit Platter

    After that, we continue on walking around Dubai Mall before we call it a day. What a great way to kick start my first day in Dubai. By the way, one last thing to share with you peeps. Doesn't the picture below looks like "level gila?" For those who don't understand malay language, "gila" means crazy.

So now you are on level Gila Monster. XP

Posted at 01:46 pm by Josh524

November 3, 2009   12:40 PM PST
Jess - Hee, thanks for the compliment honz. The dessert and shisha sets pics are dedicated for you. *do lansi post* XP

Ying Zi - Muahaha, I didn't tweet or blog bout it until I get back thats why. Oh, and the things there can be quite pricey depending on location.

Chris Thoo - ROAR!!! Jealous is it? ^_^

Xi@nG - lol, only hotel guest can enter it. I am in a market nearby it only.

Boris - Hmm, I guess you are saying bout the Palms Jumeirah? I went there for a dinner buffet. XP

aidi-safuan - WOWWWWW! XP

Tony Wan - It is! But I dun like the hot weather. Hehe

Hong Chern Wern - Hmm, the hottest day when I was there was 42 degree Celsius. Sweat like mad even though walk outdoor for a while only.
Hong Chern Wern
November 2, 2009   08:48 PM PST
love the colorful shisha shops..and how's the temperature at that time? love the waterfront as well.. :D
November 2, 2009   03:15 PM PST
November 2, 2009   11:42 AM PST
Lol I ate at Mango Tree a few times. Food's really good but expensive.. Yea the 7 star hotel exists but there is another 7 star hotel in Abu Dhabi now.. Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world lolz.. Have to walk 1.2km to reach the other end from one end..
November 1, 2009   10:21 PM PST
SO the 7 Star hotel really exist!!! I thought fake one! but it doesnt look that high class one as from those email picture...
Ying Zi
November 1, 2009   09:53 PM PST
Wah,haha! I didn't know you went Dubai,so cool! Is the things there expensive? Lol,I'm salivating at the Tom Yam Goong now.

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