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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Nuffnang Awards!

    The most anticipated Nuffnang event across the region, the first ever Nuffnang Awards was held just a few days ago. Lucky bloggers from Malaysia, Australia and Philippines are chosen to join the local bloggers in Singapore for the event. After some delay for the check-in procedure, everyone was finally in the room busy preparing for the awards. I was in the same room as Chris Thoo.

In our room, room 434 ^_^

    After the brief SS moment, we proceeded to the lobby. To our surprise, most of the girls were already there. So much for not enough time to prepare for the event huh? XP

Off we go to Pan Pacific's ballroom for the event.

    Before the event, everyone was free to mingle around with other fellow bloggers. What are bloggers without their camera? Thus the whole night there was photo snapping all the way from before the even till after the event. Wasted no time to take some photos with friends and well known bloggers. ^_^

With Kennysia who was nominated in two categories

Kenny with the girls, and I love his expression. XP

(clockwise from top left) Xiang, Kristine, Wai Ken and Sam

(clockwise from top left) Jackie, Kim,
Zoeyve and Jeremy

(clockwise from top left) Adele, Isaac, Jacq & Anis, Yenli

    The event kick off with a speech from the Nuffnang founders then followed by the Nuffnang milestone video. They have been around for two and a half years. Initially started with a small office in a Penang before expanding to KL and SG. Right now, Nuffnang has 'invaded' the Philippines and Australia as well. Magic duo JC SUM and Magic Babe Ning performed soon after.

Inside the hall, and that's the side of the stage

Timothy Tiah, the co-founder and Audrey

(clockwise from top left) The appetizer, the soup, the dessert and
the main course.

   Scrumptious dinner were serve throughout the event. The dishes name were too long to remember but they taste good. There were 12 awards altogether. Me and Jessiebi were predicting who's going to win but somehow our prediction are not even half accurate. Finally found the Singapore's bloggers for some photo snapping moment. ^_^

(clockwise from top left) Meldric, Weijie, Yingzi, nuffies Raine and Kaizhi

Me and Jessiebi ^_^

    Allan Wu was the host for the night, and he made a mistake on one of the award presenter's name. As for the first award winner, they are literally speechless on the stage. They were like looking at each other when questions were asked and their answer is not really related. The rest of the nominees were notified to prepare a "thank you" speech for the crowd should they win the award. To watch the awards presentation, proceed to Jessiebi's post. ^_^

Best Blog Shop: Bonitochico.livejournal.com

Best Food Blog: ieatishootipost.sg

Best Fashion Blog: ladymelbourne.blogspot.com

Best Parenting Blog: childhood101.blogspot.com

Best Travel Blog: ironwulf.net

Best Celebrity Blog: joannepeh.com

Best Entertainment Blog: kennysia.com

Best Geek Blog: mrgadget.com.au

Best Original Blog Design: xiaxue.blogspot.com

Best Influential Blog: xiaxue.blogspot.com

Best Hidden Gem: dedoodleblog.blogspot.com

Region's Best Blog: xiaxue.blogspot.com

Best Pringles Video Contest: jayleif.blogspot.com

    Congratz to all the winners especially Xiaxue who won 3 awards that night. If I were to describe the event in one word, I would say that its a good first attempt for the fellow nuffies. ^_^

Miss Earth Singapore Valerie and Mediacorp actress Joanne Peh. ^_^

The final photos for MY and SG bloggers before we call it a night

Room listing, for hang out purpose ^_^

    It was such a long wait for the last bus cause apparently the bus was waiting at another location... Tired bloggers finally boarded the bus back to the hotel. After a refreshing shower, I became re-energized again and so did the rest. We decided to get together for time which was eventually known as the 434 sesison. ^_^

Us having fun after the event

The last photo before we call it a night, or should I say before
someone called for 10 chicken wings. XP

Posted at 02:04 am by Josh524

November 13, 2009   08:37 AM PST
Diese - Maybe got some handsome dude knock on your door le. XP
October 31, 2009   01:42 PM PDT
Jess - Took piccie of it its better than to copy down one by one. Jeremy did that and he said "FML should have taken photo earlier!" XP *duccles*

vox - Aiyo, why crop... NEXT TIME COME WITH US LAR!!! Simple ^_^

Chris Thoo - Ei, paiseh wan ok... Dun say it loud loud. XP

Xi@nG - U r starring at either Chris or Kimz. I guess... HORRRRRRR!!!

kim - Its the flash I guess? lol, go ahead and curi lar. I m fine with it. ^_^

Sam - Project 434! Project D! XP

Tony Wan - Hee, thanks a lot. ^_^

vveijie - YALA! Lucky you and YZ came by. ^_^

caihong - Ya, I do agree that she is pretty. And yes, we did had a great time! ^_^

soon seng - Ei ya hor, where u dissapear to lar during night time? So you will be coming on a Thursday soon? XP
soon seng
October 30, 2009   01:17 AM PDT
Unfortunately, not enough time to catch up before chao-ing. Anyhow, good to see you again! Technically, i didn't come down to Singapore on a Thursday.
October 29, 2009   11:42 PM PDT
joanne peh is not that fair but she is so pretty

she is one of the person makes us feel proud of own skin

btw whoa u have lovely nite!
October 29, 2009   06:56 PM PDT

fun lah siol ~ ! XD
October 29, 2009   02:47 AM PDT
Project 434!!!! xD
October 29, 2009   12:38 AM PDT
meeeeeeee like your camera lea. so nice loh the pics. i look so fair hahaha. me curi the room listing pic :P
October 29, 2009   12:24 AM PDT
Lolx...where I'm staring at?...
October 29, 2009   12:01 AM PDT
Like hongkong mafia~
October 28, 2009   11:52 PM PDT
nice!!! Joanne Peh is sssooo prettyyy!
and gor, crop my face into the u all room hang out pix can??? hahahhahahahaha to make me feel better!! hahahhahahaha

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