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Thursday, November 05, 2009
Satay outing during Deepavali

    I don't celebrate Deepavali at all, but for the past 2 years I did. Last year, I came back from SG to meet the bunch of blogging friends for the first time and went to MOS Euphoria on the first day and TGIF on the second day. This year, I celebrated it by having a dinner outing with fellow blogging friends in Kajang. If you called that a celebration. XP

Kajang eat what? Satay lar of course ^_^

    The night started off with guiding Jackie, Nigel and Jacq down to Kajang. Almost there and Chris called. Apparently, he got one of those FML moments. To summarize everything, he got lost in Kajang, phone died, found phone charger but car died... Anyway I found him and he's still alive. XP

Anis was the earliest to reach with her brother

    Alex and Jeffro was there too. There's some of them that I met them for the first time. Xiang and Sam falls into this category, while Pui Yeng... I knew her for so long but then this is the first time I meet heartless her. XP

Me, Christhoo, Sam and Puiyeng

Xiang's hairy arms is more famous than him. XP

    Everyone has arrived and the satay feasting starts. Its been a while since i last had any satay, and this experience was made more memorable by hanging out with a bunch of friends. Too bad that Jessiebi can't make it since she's in Ipoh. The irony is she went back to visit her sick grandfather and in return she got food poisoning. >_<

Camwhore before makan: Nigel, me and Chris

The duo who reached later than us, Kim and Zhao

Finally met voxmui for more than 10 seconds. XP

    We chit chat-ed and crapped alot until there's continuous laughter all the time. Soon enough it was time for us to go. However, we continue taking pics outside from the Satay place and crap like there's no tomorrow. Roughly about 45 minutes later only we decided to truly call it a day night. XP

Me and Jeffro terrorizing them XP

Not ready yet lar~

Finally a nice group photo ^_^

    Oh, all photograph are by Christhoo. Its truly a great experience. Had fun with you guys. ^_^

Posted at 08:42 am by Josh524

November 13, 2009   08:30 AM PST
Diese - Hahaha, you purposely do that kind of face right? ^_^

Chris Thoo - Don't la hate Kajang just because you got lost there. XP

Not Josh - Wonder if the taste is the same for all Haji Samuri. Hmmm

Amanda Janelle - Oh, you from Kajang which part? Ya, I do agree Kajang is very small. Maybe he got lost because its too small. XP

aidi-safuan - Ya, indeed he's very bad luck that day. XP
November 10, 2009   04:45 PM PST
huhu...pity him.very bad luck la dat day.hihi
Amanda Janelle
November 9, 2009   11:59 PM PST
haha i'm from kajang.. n yeah kajang very small ni la how he got lost? haha..
November 9, 2009   10:39 PM PST
SATAY FTW!! Next time come haji samurai setapak 1 la...XD

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