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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Dubai Trip Day 2

    The second day was rather adventurous. We went on a mini backpacking tour. Drove for a good 45minutes before we reached somewhere near the Dubai Creek. Along the way, I noticed that the buildings are not just plain squarish design.

The buildings there have nice designs

    If I am not mistaken, the weather that day was just above 40 degree Celcius. However, I still see people hanging out on open space area. As for me...

Yea, Sunblock don't really help that much...

    Anyhow, the first stop was the Dubai Museum which was about half an hour walk away from the car park. Located in Al Fahidi Fort, it was built in 1787 and its the oldest existing building in Dubai. It exhibits almost everything from the history of Dubai until the future projects.

I was there! ^_^

    Upon entering the museum, the first section was mainly on what people uses previously for their daily living. The weapons, the boats, the daily job's tools and historic articles are among them. Was quite impressed that they managed to maintain the objects until these days.

Me just being me, only lamer. XP

    Further exploring into the musuem, we saw the evolved Dubai into a trading centers in between countries. People from all over the world, mainly Europeans and Westerners came to Dubai for business purposes. From that moments onwards Dubai started to bloom.

The "people" there are not shy in front of the camera. XP

Us at the ship building section

    I don't know how to say this but I enjoy going to the museum. Not to say I must go to a museum whenever I am on tour. Its just the thing about museum that attracts me. I love to see all the exhibition items and all. I don't know if you get what I am trying to say though. XP

Yeah, things like this attracts me. ^_^

    After the museum, we travelled by foot to Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House. Along the way, we passed by the old souk. Totally opposite from Madinat Jumeirah, this souk sells cheaper items in the open air. After the old Souk, is another long walk under the sun before we reach Al-Maktoum House.

The place to be for people on a tight budget

Yes, the weather is seriously very very clear... AND HOT!

Finally we are here!

    The moment I stepped into the house, I got a feeling that this place looks so familiar. Its not that I come to Dubai before. Its because this place has been featured in the Amazing Race before! Its featured in Amazing Race Asia season 1 and the Amazing Race features various other places in Dubai too.

Jumping in joy at where the Clue Box was placed(I think)

    Okay, AR facts aside. The house was just like Dubai Museum but the architecture of the house are way much nicer than the museum. There's coins collection, stamps collection, currency collection and painting collection. Of course, I enjoy my time there. ^_^

Just a few more camwhore photos

    Can you believe it that we spent most of the day just in 2 places? By the time we reached home for dinner its already about 6pm. Tired due to walking for the whole day, we decided to end the day with a video conference with the family members back at home.

We are family~ ^_^

Posted at 08:10 am by Josh524

November 22, 2009   01:20 PM PST
TS - Well, we did eat ice cream that night la. But then not too much varities of photo. Will cover it up later. ^_^

Jess - lol, we been jumping nonstop in Dubai honz. Alot of our photos are jumping style. XP
November 14, 2009   01:03 AM PST
Hmmm was that all we did on that day? Did we go out for dinner or stop by anywhere while on the way back?

If we are in AR and spend so much time looking at 2 places sure be last to arrive at destination. Haha.

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