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Sunday, November 15, 2009
Uniquely Singapore Tour

    A day after the Nuffnang Awards, bloggers were given the chance to visit places of interest all over Singapore. Didn't join the first part of the tour, thus missing out on the Chinatown Heritage Museum, Mint Museum of Toys and Raffles Hotel.

Lucky i didn't miss the fun part! ^_^

    I joined the group when they were at the Royal Selangor Pewter. Had a tour around the place before we had our own "knocking" experience. We are given a flat piece of pewter and the alphabets mold to "knock" on whatever words we wants to. At the end of the knocking session, we were given a certificate for participating in the School of Hard Knocks program. ^_^

And so the knocking begins!

The bunch with the end product ^_^

    The next stop is the Singapore Flyer. For the record, this is my third time visiting the flyer. First with my sister, second with Jessiebi and this is the third. The scenery there are still the same, except for the ongoing construction on the Singapore IR (Integrated Resort).

The Flyer's view from below

Me and Chris "meditating"

The super nice group photo!

    Later on, we went to Marina Bay to chill and take photos. By the time we reached there everyone was tired for different reason. Of course, for our group is due to the 434 session the night previously. Okay crapping aside, I like the photo below. Minus Chris is even better

Yes, this photo. ^_^

The mini group photo at Marina Bay

    After that group shot we became more and more hyper. We did various jump shots. No, not the basketball jump shots... Its the picture taken while you are in the jumping action.

Shots like this

    Later on made our way to the Merlion and my oh my its already night time. However that still won't stop enthusiastic photographer to keep on shooting.

They are the 3 good examples

    After that headed down to Bugis before going to Orchard. Was kinda disappointed couldn't get what we wanted to get, but hey at least we get to eat MOS burger. Later on its even more 434 session before the peeps leaving for Malaysia the next day.

Posted at 03:30 pm by Josh524

December 15, 2009   02:33 PM PST
kim - You are mar rite? Halfway can disappear to take picture elsewhere wan. XP
December 13, 2009   05:00 PM PST
fuhhhhh me enthusiastic photographer !!!
November 22, 2009   01:15 PM PST
Jac - 434!!! When is the next session? XP

Solitary Rose - Lol, so you are prasing yourself and then teasing yourself? XP

Jess - Soon will have the chance bi. ^_^
Solitary Rose
November 17, 2009   04:25 PM PST
I look like a semi very hot photographer that can pass of as a monkey also . wtf~
November 16, 2009   12:13 PM PST
434 FTW! XD

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