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Friday, November 20, 2009
Around the world in a day!

    A little history lesson here. Ibn Battuta is a Morrocan traveller who travelled for nearly 30 years in the past. He travelled to different countries throughout his journey which includes China, Persia, Egypt, India, Tunisia and Andalusia. I guess previously Persian and Andalusia was a country itself...

Yeap, this 6 places

    Well, do you think its possible to visit those 6 countries in a day? Well, you can do so in the Ibn Battuta Mall. Yeap, there's a mall named after Ibn Battuta. A single level, 1.3km length from one end to another, this is the place built according to the mentioned 6 countries that Battuta travelled to. Besides shopping, shoppers can learn a bit of history here too.

Historic articles and items all over the mall besides the shops

    Have I mentioned about the decoration? Unlike normal shopping centre, each court here have design based on their own theme. You wouldn't feel like you are walking under the same shopping center!

The boat in China Court

Amazing interior designs in Tunisia Court

Persian court (if I m not mistaken >_<)

    I can go on and on about how awesome Ibn Battuta's design is. However, this place might not be suitable for window shoppers as there's not much shops here compare to the other shopping center. Moving on, the next place I visited is among the most popular spot in the Middle East. Care to take a guess?

This pic is the clue.

    For those that have guessed desert, you are CORRECT!!! Wondering why I visited the desert while its already so darn hot? Well, according to a reliable trip website, its on the top of the list of "Must Do in Dubai" and we went there in the evening thus its not that hot anymore.

Me and sis when we just reached.

Ya, silly face of mine yet again ^_^

    The desert is actually a nice place to visit, just make sure there's good navigator and lots of people around ya. Hehe... The ride on the 4 wheel drive over the desert are something like a roller coaster ride. They drifted, go uphill, sudden break and everything to ensure that they won't be stuck.

Jumping in the middle of nowhere!

Sunset at the desert ^_^

Here we are, at the destination. Hehe

    The campsite at the middle of nowhere, with lots of activities. The main event is the belly dancing performances follow by a Lebanese dinner buffet. Before that, we can opt to take a ride on the camel, take a puff or two of shisha, have some appetizer before the dinner and even take pic with a desert eagle... NOT the handgun. XP

Hard to believe you can do all
this in the desert ei?

    Soon after, arabic music started to play all around the campsite and the belly dancer takes on the stage with some impressive moves. Imagine balancing a rod on your waist while still belly dancing! Now that's impressive.

The crowd cheering on for her

There goes the crowd joining the belly dancer

The Lebanese buffet dinner

    Later on, its the journey back home. Its a totally new and wonderful experience for me. Never ever think that a desert can be so enjoyable. Oh, anybody want any desert sands? They are much smoother and smaller in particle size compare to normal sands. ^_^

Posted at 12:56 pm by Josh524

December 11, 2009   08:12 AM PST
Jess - Yes, got sand enuf for everyone. AND I dun think the belly dancer is the nais-est of all. XP

BLue - Nice is an undestatement, ITS FANTASTIC! ^_^

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