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Friday, December 11, 2009
The reason why I MIA-ed for so long?

    Its been a while! Yes, I somehow MIA-ed from my blog for about... a month or so? Gonna break the cycle here now. Was in Penang for a business trip for 10 days or so. I guess that explain the lack or no updates here for a while. Well, I am not alone there as Jessiebi was back in Penang as well. ^_^

Yes, that's us!

    Well, now I am back here in Singapore and later on gonna catch Nuffnang Exclusive X'mas Gathering "Couples Retreat" Movie Screening! But for now, a short update hopefully to kick start my blogging mojo again. Looking forward to see the peeps going for the screening later! ^_^

One more pic of us before I sign off. ^_^

Posted at 08:05 am by Josh524

December 23, 2009   08:51 AM PST
Jessie - Okay noted. Muahahaha
December 18, 2009   09:03 AM PST
Jessie - *psst, your parents might be reading this. So I m trying to make them happy* ^_^
December 15, 2009   02:32 PM PST
Hee, thank you sweetie. ^_^

*although I know you went back to visit your parents is the main reason* XP

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