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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

    This is a place where you will go WOW once you step into it. Its another landmark in Dubai, the Atlantis Palm. Be prepare to spend a fortune if you want to stay here though. The cheapest room cost SGD600 and the most expensive one cost more than SGD10k. So if you are sleeping for 5 hours in the most expensive room, an hour of sleep will cost SGD2k!!!

But still, tourist can visit the resort free of charge ^_^

    What is there to visit? The resort's lobby decoration and design are eye catching and interesting as well. A lot of people will go there to partly experience living like a rich dude. Not to forget that its one of the landmark in Dubai so that automatically makes it a "must visit" place.

Muahaha, alot of people like me

Me and my sis

    Step right in and its as if you are in the sunken city of Atlantis. Based on the underwater theme, the whole resort are designed to make visitors to feel as if you are visiting the sunken city of Atlantis. If there's staff dress up as mermaid and merman then it will be 100% underwater feel for sure. Hehe...

I guess this is the... Eel's orgy gathering. XP

Camwhore piccie. XP

    Pssst, we didn't go there just to pose-pics-ciao. Nonono, we went there for dinner. Dinner was at Saffron, a buffet meal with a range of choices from seafood, Chinese food, Japanese food, Middle-East food and Malaysian food. YES! Of all the country in the world the serve Malaysia food at one of the station. I wonder why...

Flying terrapins on the wall!

At the entrance

    The place itself is very cozy and the seating are comfortable. The staff there are very professional. They will fold your napkin whenever you leave the table and they manage to do this every single time! Now that's efficient! As for the food, the choices are a plenty and most of it taste good. Definitely not a let down for the price tag.

The food that will makes you keep on drooling for more

Ugly moments while consuming food

    After stuffing ourselves with great food, we walk around the area accessible to the public. There's a huge aquarium in the resort which is connected to those expensive room in the Atlantis. So it really offers the underwater atmosphere and at the same time you can go over to the balcony to enjoy the beautiful seaside view. So an hour of sleep won't cost SGD2k after all ei?

The HUGEEEEE aquarium at the middle of the resort

Be the ruler of Atlantis for 3 seconds XP

    After walking around for quite a while, its about time to call it a day. Well, wanted to get some souvenirs from the Atlantis shop. However I don't think spending near to SGD50 for a palm size soft toys is a good idea...

I rather take this home if I could ^_^

Posted at 02:23 pm by Josh524

December 23, 2009   08:51 AM PST
Jessie - lol, why comment two times of the same thing hon? XP
December 18, 2009   09:05 AM PST
Jessie - I love terrapin! Second after dog. XP I will only lansi if I can get to stay there for a night. Hee

TS - Hopefully that will be very soon! ^_^
December 18, 2009   12:55 AM PST
Josh dear, come I buy u buffet again!
December 17, 2009   09:08 AM PST
Chris Thoo - YES! WTF right SGD2k for an hour of sleep?

wen pink - Ya, i went there! ^_^ Don't jeles wei, everyone can go there. If someone manage to stay there then only u jeles them. XP

nikel - Of course since its one of a kind experience. ^_^

aidi-safuan - lol, you won't die so fast la. Hahaha... Its truly a must visit if you are in Dubai.

ariff - Hmm, its near to SGD100 per person. There's a promotion from time to time like 4 adult diners, pay for the price of 3.
December 16, 2009   03:00 PM PST
really nice!
must go there before i die!
December 16, 2009   02:55 PM PST
wah....such like enjoy moment thr

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