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Monday, August 27, 2007
Evan Almighty~

"Woman you coming out tonight?"

    That's the sms I received from S-kor. It was 2pm and he she suggested to watch movie that night itself. FYI, he she sometimes have a gender confusion thingie going on. So that's why he she often referes me as the opposite gender. Oh ya, we didn't book any ticket and he she expect to get the ticket on the spot for a Friday night show. -_-|||

"You didn't shave?"

    That's her reaction when she saw me with moustache. Yes, I been keeping moustache for like... 2 weeks already. Thought I will look more manly instead of boyish if I have moustache... Mana tau, she say tak biasa see me keep moustache. And so are my other friends lar... Deng, should have read this first...

Moustache for dummie Joshie

    When we reached, the few movies of our choice were 'FULL' or too late. Finally, we settled down for Evan Almighty (got the moustache dummie idea from the movie ^_^) The movie overall is funny, but there is still places to improve. Go and watch it to have a good laugh.

Evan Almighty

    After the movie, we enjoyed free Starbucks Frappuccino courtesy of some vouchers from my sis. The frappuccino are so delicious until someone needs two straw to finish it (hint, the first straw kinda... burst as a result of pulling/twisting/bending too much AND I only needed ONE straw ^_^)

Guess which is mine?

One of the rarest photo you can get. Its not that easy to
have a photo of me wearing jersey with moustache Tongue

    The scary part is... his her mother and brother are waiting for outside of the house waiting for his her arrival. Dunno why, but then that kind of situation kinda frightens me.

"You want to say hi to my mother?"

    OMG! GG!! GG.COM.MY!!! Then I agreed and say "Hi auntie!" while my heart pumping multiple times faster. I did say hi to his her brother and his her brothers GF as well. Turns out his her mother are quite friendly. She even wave goodbye to me while I am on my way out. Oh ya, I did gave him her RAIN stuffs and he she was so happy about it. Thats the end of Friday 24th of August 2007.

    Siew Kian, I want the photo from our outting during Saturday night. ^_^

Posted at 12:02 am by Josh524


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