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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Graduation Trip from 2nd June 2007 until 5th June 2007

    Okay, I talked about my first time returning to UNiM after my graduation. I think now its the time for me to talk about my graduation trip.

The place, Tioman Island.
The people, mostly E&E fresh grads.
The date, 2nd - 5th June 2007.

Day 1 of the trip

    We all gather at the Pudu bus station at night time, expecting to reach there EARLY in the morning. It was a rocky ride, with the bus driver doing some stunts that the driver did in the Fast & Furious series. Anyway, we all safely reached the jetty to Tioman... AT 5am IN THE MORNING! Anyway, time flies fast and it was already sun rising. We take the opportunity to...

Me and Kok Wei doing some morning exercise

    Anyway, the ferry to Tioman arrive at 12pm. Most people take the opportunity to sleep on the ferry. Including these two...

Yee Jie & Kok Wei with the same sleeping style

    As we arrived, we were assigned to our respective room. I was assigned to share room with Yee Jie & Choong Hoe.

Posers at the room C-17

    Of course, after settling the stuffs, we went directly to the beach! Got two person very stand out from the rest at the beach.

Sean with his gap lui skills

Yee Jie's with his sat luin pose

    Well, day one was rather short. Everyone was tired and went straight to dream land after dinner time.

Day 2 of the trip

    Wake up rather early on day two and its off to snorkeling!!! No snorkeling photos as I didn't bring my camera along. So didn't take any snorkeling pictures... BTW, I got bitten by fish TWICE when I fed them... This is what I get for feeding them... Grr... It was still early after snorkeling. Most of us decided to go kayak. As there is not enough kayak at the moment, we have to wait for our turns. While waiting, we play the most famous game in Tioman... BIG 2!!!

All the Big 2 kaki concetrating with full force

    We were distracted in the middle of the game by someone's idea, to BURY Kok Wei under the sand!!! We help Kok Wei to have a totally new makeover!

Pak Chew performing sand implants on experiment 69, Kok Wei

    Finally, its my turn to kayak. My kayak partner is Loong kor!!! Man, I am the one who steered and often frust Ah Loong. Anyway, it was tiring but an enjoyable first time experience.

Me and Ah Loong after kayak

    I manage to snapped a picture of the beautiful sunset view before we went on for our BBQ dinner.

I feel proud of myself for this picture. Hehe...

    BBQ was so so only. Nothing too grand. But the good thing is we manage to hang around in such a big group for the first time.

Most of the guys

We can't finish the BBQ fish, so we treat the poor cat...

    After dinner, it was happy hour time. Sean being the daring one, drank most of the Chivas without any mixers. Salute him~~~

Demanding only Chivas, nothing but Chivas

    In the end, he ended throwing up TWICE of all the BBQ foods that he eaten earlier. He still manage to say "want to see the sotong that I ate?"

Its an honor to be so close to Chivas King

Day 3 of the trip

    Day 3 have nothing much to highlight, as we are leaving Tioman in the morning. We bid farewell to Paya Resort for the last time.

Lee Er, Ah Du, Choong Hoe, Yee Jie & me(behind the camera)

    Good time sure flies fast. Its time to go home already. Already missing the good times with the UNiM gangs...

I kinda got feel for this picture

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