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Thursday, September 06, 2007
There is a FINE line differentiating...

    Trying Hard, Trying Too Hard and Over The Limit. Here is how I categorized the three element.

Josh's law of trying

    Trying hard is in the green region because its the beginning of everything. You can never know whether you will succeed or fail if you never try hard right? I myself think that trying hard is stil within the acceptance level to everyone. Its better to failed trying then not to try at all as some people say it.

    Trying too hard is a level above trying hard, which can go either way. The good thing is, persistence sometimes will eventually give you success. But then, the other party have a 50-50 percentage to think that you are annoying. So if there is a slight sign that show you may succeed, you may go further beyond. Else, just leave it just the way it is and stop doing anything fancy/stupid/idiotic.

    Over the limit... Need me to say anything more? You are trying way too hard to force an issue to happen. Heard of forcing can't bring you any happiness? You may end up giving a very bad impression and not getting what you want. Do you want to end up being called a psycho/stalker/disturber by the other party? Think of all the consequences before you proceed to this level.

    Just to make some clarification. The 'you' could be referring to anyone, or it could be me trying to remind myself not to do anything waaaaaaaay too much. And the issue could be anything ranging from starting a new hobby, changing yourself just to pleased someone else, office politics, planning to assassinate anyone or even plans to take over the world.

Posted at 12:16 am by Josh524


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