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Sunday, September 09, 2007
Steven's Corner at OUG

    Met up with a few UNiM classmates just now at the place mentioned. Among those who came were myself, Justin, Voon Loong, Chin-Ee, Sean, Celyn, Wan Yong and Edvin(who tagged along with Sean)

    This meet up was fantastic! Digged up old jokes to laugh at. Get to know what are each other doing at the moment. Hardly have any good chances like this to sit around and talk about the past, present and future. One of the highlight from the past was this particular conversation...

***(Name and conversation content has been edited to protect the privacy of all the people involved)***

AAA : What are you doing this weekend?
BBB : I am going to my sister wedding.

CCC : Where is your sister staying?
BBB : In Sentul.

CCC : Then you going to Sentul this weekend?
BBB : No.

AAA : I thought you are going to your sister wedding?
BBB : Yes I am.

CCC : Your sister is coming to KL from Sentul to have her wedding?
BBB : No...

AAA : Then how come you are going to KL?
BBB : Going to my sister wedding.

CCC: But your sister is in Sentul?
BBB : Yes.

AAA : How come you going to KL while your sister is in Sentul?
BBB : My elder sister is in Sentul. I am going to attend my second sister wedding in KL

AAA & CCC: ... (Speechless & Sweating)

    Well, I don't know if you all get the funny part of the conversation. But then don't you expect BBB to answer with regards to the sister THAT IS GETTING MARRIED instead of the ELDER SISTER?

    When we finished yam cha its already 1am++ As I was not familiar with the road, I followed Justin's car to avoid myself from getting lost. According to VL, it takes roughly about 45minutes to reach Kajang from OUG. By calculation, I will reach home at about 2am, which means a possiblity for a late night lecture class.

P licenser, don't take photo and drive

    I followed Justin car all the way to Mid Valley. As mentioned here before, I tend to drive faster when I am driving alone. Aimed to reach home before the lecture hour and accompanied by R&B/Hip Hop/Clubbing songs, I speed all the way as if I am in the middle of filming 4Fast & 4Furious.

A dangerous act, take photo at your own risk

    I don't know why but speeding once in a while is a very good feeling.Tongue As a result, I reached home before 1.30am and SUCCESFULLY avoided the late night lecture class. Shades

Posted at 05:07 am by Josh524

Seow Lee
September 9, 2007   03:53 PM PDT
Meaning to say you are allowed to stay out till 2 am lar???

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