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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Back to UNiM

    Ever since Monday I been telling the current UNiMians that I am going to pay them a visit. Well, after FFK'ing' them for 3 days, I finally visited them today. Tongue Besides scouting for new intakes hot chicks, Met up with a few of them who volunteered for the 'Help Squad'. This might as well be the very last time I am going to meet you guys and girls. So camwhore abit. Hehe...

Me with Suet Ling

    What you see at the background? Notice the huge vending machine behind Suet Ling? Well, the vending machine have the same colour like our shirt. So it looks like as if we are promoting for the Seasons drink? LOL

Me with Bernard

    Both of us with funny looking faces. I was posing for the camera, while he was staring at me. Maybe because I block the fan from him already. It really does seems like there is a bunch of people promoting for Seasons right? LOL

Eu Ling, CY and me

    CY was filling in some forms with Eu Ling assistance. I myself shock shock go next to CY and directly say smile and snapped the photo. CY did not pose because he was so damn busy concetrating on filling in his forms. This can be consider CY's only serious photo I have so far. Yet more matching colours shirt? Hehe...

Isaac and Brian

    The former SCBian reunion. The only person who left out is Joshua. We spent time crapping and being sarcastic as usual. Although it didn't last long but then it really does bring back memory of all the crapping session we have. LOL

    I went back around the 5pm. One thing I noticed about Kajang recently... The council or whoever in charge have made freaking lots of additional bumps... The following photo are showing some of the new bumps that has been recently added to *reduce the accident rate*.

3 bumps in a 100meter distance?!?!?!

    The first bump is located just directly in front of me. The second bump is just in front of the red taxi on the left. The furthest car is going through the third bump. Is it necessary to make all this additional bumps? Isn't one bump is more than freaking enough in such a short distance? Driving have never been so stressful...

Posted at 10:44 pm by Josh524


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