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Monday, September 17, 2007
Two small reunions

    Firstly, went to Pizza Hut Kajang to have a small reunion dinner with the UNiM gangs. We saw Swarna there having dinner with her family, and chit chatted with her. Although the dinner itself was kinda a last minute planning, I appreciate it. Next time its my treat, I promise!  Thanks to everyone who came for the dinner. Big Smile Wishing you all the best in the future undertakings!

Those who came(Left to right)
Kok Wei,Chin-Ee, Justin, Voon Loong, Yen-Ee & Siew Kian

    Later on, I received an sms from See Tao Poh... Thank you See Tao Poh. Even though I am not working under you anymore, you still care about me the ex-worker. Big Smile

    Upon reaching home, I am not done with my day(or rather night) yet. Alex Yeow have organised another small reunion for me. Its the same old gang that used to hang out together 3 or 4 years back. We went to Steven's Corner for a late night or rather early morning yam cha session.

Shiny and smooth Roti Tisu wei... Alex's treat ^_^

As always, Peng Yam like to laugh at our cold jokes

Wai Loon having a hard time deciding what to eat

    I drove Alex's almost-30-years-old Toyota LE back since he's kinda sleepy.. AND guess what? I have a rough time at the beginning and I end up hurting my right palm/hand (to be more precise, the skin between the thumb and the index finger). Hurmph

Posted at 04:41 am by Josh524


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