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Friday, June 29, 2007
Annual Dinner 2007

    Well, its rather old already, but hey nobody say I can't blog about it. Hehe... On 14th April 2007, it is the UNiM Annual Dinner held in Shangri - La hotel. Expected to reach half an hour before time, but the traffic police make me reached later...

Justin snapped this when I was driving

    The programme started just as we reached. Man, I missed out all the pre Annual Dinner photo taking session... Anyway, the foods are very stylish, but what I like the most is the dessert.

The appetizer

The main course

The dessert. Yum yum

    Well, I must compensate for all the picture taking that I missed before I arrived. So here I go hunting here and there for handsome dude and pretty chicks to take pictures. Hehe...

The bunch of year 3 engineering students

Our table group picture with one outsider. Guess who? ^_^

From left, Voon Loong, Sean, Kok Wei,
me, Chung Meng and Alvin in the front

Yee Jie acting mafia dai lou style

Kok Wei was busy watching the 'fascinating' Miss UNiM contestants

Sean, with his usual funny look. Next to him is Lindsay and...
sorry forgotten her name... malu nyer...

Me with Jiahui, dunno what Chin-Ee doing at the back...

Me with Chin-Ee's twin, Yen-Ee

    A point to notice, Eu Ling was the organizing chair lady for the whole event. A great round of applause for her! Me myself think its better than the Annual Dinner I attended a year before. If you are reading this, job well done Eu Ling!

    After Annual Dinner, most of my friends decided to go clubbing. Since I never step into any club before, I though of hey, why not go try for the first time? So here we are at...


    When I first went in, damn.... It was smoky and noisy and I wonder why everyone likes to go clubbing. But after a while, I get used to it.

Try and spot me

    Damn, bottoms 'upped' some Chivas. Full glass some more. Then I automatically go to the dance floor and dance. FYI, I seldom or should I say I don't know how to dance. Alcohol effect... Hehe... We were there until 3am in the morning. I was drunk/half drunk/tipsy whatever you call it. We went yam cha at a nearby mamak before heading back home.

I am still sane enough to take picture, only Brandon notices though.

    Of course before going home, I managed to take a picture together with Jojo, one of the Miss UNiM contestant.

Me and Jojo

    Proven I am not fully drunk right? Since I still can take picture around? LOL... And then it was the journey back home. Not mine, I went to overnight at Justin's place. By the time we got home its 5am d....

The question is, am I drunk?

    Frankly speaking, my condition is that I still can think but then not for too long. So I am not SERIOUSLY drunk la. I didn't go around vomit/puke/throw up on people or hug the toilet bowl to sleep. So I think I am still okay? Hehe...

Posted at 01:25 am by Josh524


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