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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
10 more hours...

    Before I am on my way to starting a new a career life in Singapore. This will be the last entry until god-knows-when I can get a proper internet connection in Singapore. So that means there will be hardly any frequent updates. Sad But I do hope you all will stick around my blog though. Big Smile

    The initial plan for the day was to catch the 4.30pm movie, "Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi" with Jiahui at Mid Valley. Then, the plan later changed to the 8.40pm show in Cheras Leisure Mall. I reached Jiahui house at 7pm sharp to pick her up.

The guard wouldn't let me pass without exchanging my
driving license for this...

    Arrived at Leisure Mall at about 7.30pm and directly collect the movie ticket. We went for dinner at Dragon-i. The most special dish available on the menu is the "Siew Loong Bao". It even has a direction on how to eat it! I am impressed.

Dinner at Dragon-i

The popular "Siew Loong Bao"

Our main dish with dessert

    I forgotten whats the name already. Basically, she ordered a seafood ramen and the Mango something dessert while I ordered a spicy minced something ramen and a combination of mango+banana+laici+something dessert. Hey, the name are way too long and too special thats why I couldn't really recall it. Tongue After the dinner it was straight to the cinema for Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi.

"Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi" is truly touching indeed.

    *Spoilers ahead* I kinda guess that Xiao Yu was somehow dead since the beginning of the movie, because she seldom or did not talk to anyone else. The way Jay plays the piano throughout the movie was simply FANTASTIC. Yes, FANTASTIC. There are some funny scene at the beginning of the movie for some good laughter. Not forgetting the creative flirting skills between Jay, Xiao Yu and Ching Yi. Of course, the overall story are touching and meaningful.

    Guess what? Someone cried while watching the movie. She started to sniff when its about an hour into the movie and I thought she caught a cold. After the show, she told me that she really cried because the movie is simply too TOUCHING. Never come across my mind that something like this would happen. Smile

    Sent Jiahui home right after the movie. Managed to camwhore abit before I proceed home.

Jiahui with me

    Upon reaching home, I received a phone call from CY together with Gabriel and Stephanie, wishing me good luck and all the best in Singapore. Chatted with Peksan and received a sms from Eu Ling too. Thanks everyone! I will contact you all once I settle down. Wink

Posted at 04:07 am by Josh524


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