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Sunday, October 14, 2007
After OT for the whole week...

    It is time to enjoy my weekend here in Singapore. Hehe... Went to MOS with two couples. YES, TWO COUPLES. So that makes me the BIGGEST light bulb for the night right? Don't care, I am just going to enjoy my weekend nevertheless.

Clarke Quay, the night spot in Singapore

    Those who were present were ex uni mates, Ah Do with Lee Er & my Kajang friend, Melissa together with her boyfriend Alec. Not forgetting that there is yours truly, the BIGGEST light bulb for the night. Melissa promise to bring some of her hot sexy single, pretty, party chicks colleague along, but then she didn't keep her promise. How can she do this to me? Purposely want me to be the light bulb and make me feel uneasy about being single... What kind of friend is this?

Alec & Melissa, while waiting for Ah Do & Lee Er

    To start it off... MOS have 3 rooms with completely different music. There's the house room, R&B room and some sort of the oldies room. Obviously R&B room have the most people and its damn crowded in there. The biggest rooom is the house room, but not many people are in it. Then there is this oldies room that plays those Night Feverish kind of music.

Chilling out in the oldies room

    Halfway exploring, Ah Do and Lee Er dissapear from us. So that makes me the light bulb for only couple only. Haha... Hang out in the R&B room for most of the night. All I can say is this... Clubbing in Singapore is TOTALLY different from clubbing in Malaysia. Period. Shades

How can the night end without some group photos?

A more mysterious looking photo of all of us

    Finally leave MOS at about 2am and you know what? That is STILL consider too early. Apparently, clubs in Singapore will be open until the wee hour of the morning say... until 6am? HOLY **** right? But then its not that fun to be a light bulb until 6am. So we decided to take off about 2am. On our way back, I spotted this...

The clinic bar

    I am definitely going to try out on this clinic bar somewhere in the near future. Hope they have some hot sexy nurse on duty when I visit the bar. Hehe... I seriously need to hang out more during weekends. I can sense more OT are coming my way... So I must compensate it with more hang out during weekends. Tongue

Posted at 01:02 pm by Josh524


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