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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
How to get a friend like me? ^_^

    I been working OT for seven consecutive weekdays now. But however tired I am also I have to blog about this today. If not later people say I pilih kasih, wish Wan Yong but didn't wish others. Haha... Anyway, this is a birthday dedication entry. And for the UNiM people, you should have known who's birthday it is.




    Yes, its none other than the gossip queen Yee Bing's birthday! Its never a dull moment when she is around, because she is an easy teasing target. Haha... Here are some photos dedicated to Miss Hong. Kinda rush doing all this, but at least "I got heart" right? Haha...

The trip to Sungai Gabai

War Museum in Penang

Clubbing at Maison after the final paper

Annual Dinner 2007

Aiyo, why both VL and YB so happy a?

Tioman Trip

Gimme the power~

    Yee Bing, if you are reading this, HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!! May you have Very Long-lasting Continuos Surprises ahead of ya. Why Very Long-lasting Continuos Surprises? Haha... Solve the puzzle if you can. Very Long-lasting Continuos Surprises. Remember that okay? Tongue

Happy Birthday!

Posted at 07:03 am by Josh524


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