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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Weekend in Review...

    Sean came to Singapore on Saturday. I couldn't accompany him to the career fair as I need to settle some of my stuffs first. I called him once I settled all my stuffs and to my amazed, he's expecting me to have lunch with him, AND ITS ALREADY 3PM!!! So being a good friend, I rushed immediately to see him, cause I scared he will starve to death... AND GUESS WHAT??? During my rushing process, I accidentally brought along the WRONG PHONE!!!

Had these kinda looks like Korean style rice...

And Ice Kacang for dinner ^_^

Sean, the person who make me to bring the wrong phone

    After the meal, we took a long walk along Orchard road. We saw MANY INTERESTING stuffs going on around Orchard. But can't take any photos of it, as my old phone, k610i do not have the flash function. What a waste~ Sad And that night I kept on making Sean to feel guilty on how he make me took the wrong phone out. Tongue

    On Sunday, went out with my dear colleagues. Take a look around the career fair, and then later had Myanmar food for dinner. Sai's treat. ^_^ It somehow looks like Nasi Beriyani, but then the taste are different then the normal Nasi Beriyani. Heard from Sai that Myanmar food uses more oil than others. Quite true I must say.

Don't judge by its look, its actually quite tasty

Tamarind juice, imported from Myanmar

    After dinner, off we go to the MRT station to call it a day. Before the train reach, I requested/suggested to take some photo as memories since howe hardly hang out together because of our hefty workload. And I must say, my camwhoring skill have gotten worst and worst. My new phone haven't even hit the '100 photos taken' mark yet... Here are some proof to show how noob I have gotten...

Missed out on Jenny

Jenny, Sai, Wendy and me(but the photo is blurish)

Settle down by taking reflection of ourselves

    Want more proof that I suck at camwhoring at the moment? Here are more blurish photo that I took...

Several attempts to camwhore with Wendy

    Okay, to be frank... The fourth photo are not taken by either of us. It is taken by Sai, which makes it so clear and not blurish... OMG lar... Got good camera phone also I can't use it properly...

Posted at 11:29 pm by Josh524


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