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Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Weeks Without Updates...

    I am not dead, just that I have nothing VERY interesting to update. My life for the past 2 weeks have been OT, OT, OT, and OT all over again... Thats why I have no chance to go out to know some hot sexy pretty attractive SG chicks. Well, I did do some funny stuffs during my free time at the office. Such as...

With this plain Coffee cover, I managed to transform it into...

A new species of a BUG!!!

Different point of view of the new species

    Eating or munching sweets/candy have become a favourite part time for our department. With my creative mind and some help from Sai, plain sweet wrapper also can become fantastic handcrafts.

The leftover sweet/candy wrapper

Candy boat

Candy basket

Sweet basketboat? Haha...

    Then the other day, we were talking about Chinese Zodiac. We came up with the list of the Chinese Zodiac according to the order. The artist is Wendy, while the ideas came from me & Sai.

From top left - rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse
goat, monkey, rooster dog(looks like a cat?), boar

    We should get an award for the "Most creative thinking to find some entertainment to de-stress ourselve". Anyhow, I enjoy this the most...

Stalk my own blog to increase traffic, Muahaha

    For those who expecting me blogging about VERY interesting event, such as partying with hot sexy attractive chicks, you have to wait long long. Cause I have yet to have any VERY interesting event. Haha...

Posted at 12:56 pm by Josh524

Josh to William
November 8, 2007   04:41 AM PST
I am born to play with coffee covers? Haha...

Even the counters haven't reach the 999,999 figure yet. You been conned already. Haha...

But being a good friend of yours, I will give you your prize then. A date with me. You want it? Haha...

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