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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Back to Msia~

    Not much people know that I am back in Malaysia... PROVEN that you did not read my blog! Tongue Was back here on early Friday morning. But I am so guai that I stay at home and sleep for most of the day. What amused me when I arrived home is this...

Mum: You got enough money to use while you are here?
Me: Er... I got some SGD
Mum: You want to change into RM ? Since you'll need it when you go out with friends.
Me: O... Okay...

    She is so different!!! Last time, she won't ask me anything like that!!! Its like as if she is telling me to go out!!! Maybe this is due to the fact that I started to work already? YESH!!! Freedom at last!!!

    Okay, on Saturday went out with Peksan. We plan to watch "30 days of night" in cineleisure.

On my way there, nice clouds ^_^

The movie poster

    I like the movie. Typical scream, shout, run, kill, die, infection horror movie.  What I like is the ending. It is so touching~ Willingly to sacrifice himself in order to save his beloved. I am referring to JOSH hartnett, the main actor. JOSH hartnett is so damn yeng wei~ I repeat, JOSH hartnett is so DAMN YENG!!! JOSH hartnett yeng to the max! Ahaha...

    After the movie, went to see Suki and Faizal life in person. Well, I some how got spotted by the emcee and got dragged into participating in one of their activities. All I need to do was some embarrassing act on the stage for a few minutes. Blurish photo courtesy of~~~ You guess it. Ahaha...

Me embarrassing myself

Somehow, I managed to be the
last one standing and won the CD player. ^_^

Suki performing

Camwhore abit before leaving...

    Hmmm... Top two was taken by me while the bottom two is taken by her. My camwhore skill really decreasing everyday ler... But then she also not that good what... She 'cut' a part of my head off in both photos... Maybe she got influenced by the movie we watched earlier. Tongue

    We went off halfway through the event. Played foosball together and I got pawned by her... After that, we went searching for a place for ice cream since someone owe me an ice cream treat for god knows how long. Ehehe... Finally settled down for Baskin and Robbins.

Pek San's treat ^_^

    Then Sean came along and we had a crazy chit chat session together. Halfway through the chit chat, a person of the less fortunate came to ask for a donation. Sean somehow got me into donating, and we got a very very cute keychain in return.

Sean and me

Spider chain hanging out with Pek San

Spider chain resting on Sean's shoulder

Proud donor of the day

    Pek San cabut for dinner with *someone's* parent's parents. Ahaha...Me and Sean went for dinner at Tony Roma's. We ordered the Chipotle Caesar Salad and the Bountiful Beef Ribs.

Tony Roma's

Chipotle Caesar Salad

Bountiful Beef Ribs

Almost done with dinner

    Drove back home to yam cha with the Kajang gang. On my way there, saw Too while driving and ask him to yam cha together. Yam cha session consist of Too, Chee, Chai and myself. Then later went back home at around 12am.

On my way back

    Hmm... Happy time flies really fast, and its time to say goodbye once again... Direct transalation from a cantonese movie. Ahaha... Its now Sunday morning and in a few hours more I am going back to Singapore. Glad to meet up with you guys yesterday!

Posted at 09:59 am by Josh524

Josh to pekz
November 12, 2007   06:32 AM PST
Wa... Now you blame it on my height to cover up your bad camwhore skill. Ish ish ish... Jaga u...
November 11, 2007   12:42 PM PST
my head fit perfectly in the picture wuad, hu ask u to be taller than me, mai kena cut off lor.

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