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Saturday, June 30, 2007
UK trip on 9th to 19th June 2007

    I went to UK for the first time in my life!!! I was quite exciting about it. I mainly visited four cities which are Edinburgh, Glasgow, London & Paris. I will first talk about Edinburgh.

    Well, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. To travel around Edinburgh, we(me, my sis, my cousin & a friend of my sis) take on the 'hop on hop off' bus. As we take off from the main stop Waverly Bridge, I managed to snapped a photo of a Scottish man wearing kilt. Or better known as guys who wear skirts for some people.

Playing a bag pipe

With my sister on top of the bus

    First stop, Edinburgh Castle! Its on the top of Castle Rock. It is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh all the way from the 12th Century. Pictures are not allowed in some of the castle area...

Fooling around... No no no...
Acting like I am from the past

    After that, our journey continue on to the street of Edinburgh. Me and my cousin get the chance to watch 3D Loch Ness documentary, which I do have to admit its a far less than what I expected it would be.

My cousin and me

    Got off the streets after the end of the 25minutes of not so interesting 3D show. Hey, street performers are common in Scotland. Here is one of the performer.

The clown posing just for me to take his picture. ^_^

    Next stop, it was the visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Too bad I am not allowed to take any picture inside. All I can take is part of the destroyed castle...

Posing with the audio device

    After that, it was all the way up to Carlton Hill, the City Observatory. You can really see almost the whole city of Edinburgh on top of the hill.

See where the cannon is aiming?

    After a long day, it was time to go back to the hotel...

Nothing to do on the way back

    As soon as I reached Waverly Bridge, there are many people busy sunbathing on the field. A picture that you won't see anytime soon in Malaysia.

Having the tan of their life

    The next day, its the Forth Bridges cruise trip. Went to Hawes Pier first, before taking the boat around the sea. Halfway of the cruise, lies Inchcolm Island. A place that I myself like it very much!!!

Overlooking Inchcolm Island from the top

    The castle on the island is Inchcolm Abbey. What best here is, I am free to explore anywhere I want because there is no people guarding the Abbey!!! But then too bad, not enough time for me to explore every single inch of it.

Part of the castle that I missed my chance to explore

    One more thing is that can you imagine that there is only two personnel on the whole island? Before leaving the island, here is the photo of the crew captain. 

A friendly nice guy

    I am missing Edinburgh already. The people there are friendly. The weather there are nice. The food are not that bad. Too bad they don't have chilli sauce.

Posted at 12:05 am by Josh524


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