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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

     Japan. The land of the rising sun. The place where the technology is more advance at least 10years ahead than anywhere else. The place where all the wacky crazy ideas originate from. The place where all the fashion sense are considered "in". The most important of all? The place that have Japanese girls! ^_^

    Besides from all that, of course its the food itself. Sushi and ramen aside, there is also a wide variety of what we describe as junk foods.

Junk foods

Spicy prawn crackers

    Japan's equivalent to the likes of Twisties and Double Decker. But this is different. It has a very tasty aroma that stays in your mouth when you finish munching it.

One of the best chocolate ever

    Ah yes, this chocolate is simply delicious. Ex-ce-lan-te~! Crunchy yet easy to chew almond in the middle, covered with a layer of dark chocolate. First time ever I tried something like this. It is truly addictive and it is hard to resist for more once you started to eat it.

    Did I mentioned about the watch? The G Shock watches are considerable cheap for the latest design. Be sure to grab a G Shock or two if you are trying not to get lost in time. ^_^

For him: G Shock

For her: Baby G

    To wrap things up, make sure to get some duty free iliquors or cigarettes before leaving the departure hall. The chosen liquor this time around is non other than Cordon Bleu.

Liquor party anyone? ^_^

    I am sure most of you are wondering "WHEN THE HELL JOSH WENT TO JAPAN?" I am sure most of you must have thought that I ACTUALLY went Japan to get all the stuffs. The truth is, all the items are courtesy of my cousin. He came back from a Japan job trip. So much for the suspend right? ^_^

Posted at 01:20 pm by Josh524


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