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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
What is my own National Treasure?

    Came across National Treasure 2 advertistment through the radio and thought about blogging my own National Treasure.

    Well, what came across my mind when I think about my own National Treasure is none other than...

The "My Picture" folder

    Why My Picture? Inside this folder contains photos taken together with family and friends for various events. Be it birthdays, graduations, trips, celebrations, holidays or just a simple hang out session there will always be a moment when the camwhoring bug kick in and all of us will start to camwhore.

    Sometimes looking back at the photos, its as if that particular event just happened yesterday. Missing those sweet moment already. ^_^

Some personalize pictures

Posted at 11:13 pm by Josh524

Josh to Angel
December 14, 2007   02:05 PM PST
Lol, ok ok. Next time I will include your picture inside also. ^_^
December 12, 2007   12:28 PM PST
Got so many treasures, but never put my photos in also... Hate u~~

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