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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Time for Transformer~ Robot in Disguise~

    Yeah, finally get to watch Transformer the movie after careful planning by Yen-Ee. Woke up at about 9.30am to get ready to go to Kajang KTM.

The new look of Kajang KTM

    Yen-Ee already reached before me. We are waiting for Kok Wei to arrive next. We already know that Kok Wei's 'coming now' and 'reaching soon' cannot be fully trusted. Thus, we went on to buy some kuihs as breakfast when he say that he has 'already reach'. After waiting for some time, we decided to call him again to see where is him.

The result of the phone conversation

    Turn outs he thought we are waiting for him at MVM KTM and not Kajang KTM. So he reaches before us. It seems that he is able to slip passed us when we are happily purchasing kuih(s) from a nearby hawker stall.

    Initially, we are suppose to watch the morning show, but then that 'incident' causes us to reached later than expected. So we settled for the 3.30pm show. The three of us reached about the same time as Chin-Ee.

Finally get our hands on those tickets!

    BTW, the queue was DAMN LONG!!! it was Seow Lee who helps us queue up earlier and get the tickets. She's an ex UNiM student as well. Malulah, all guys but end up girl buying the tickets for us. Initially, we are going to have lunch in McD, but at the last minute we changed to KFC.

My lunch set

    Since it was still early, we decided to walk around MVM to kill off some time. IT World, I MAC store, HP store, PC Game store, Latio car exhibition, MPH, etc etc etc. Even MPH have advertistment on Transformer.

Transformers poster

    It was about 3pm, when we are heading to the cinema. The cinema queue line was still VERY LONG!!! Lucky for us since we already purchased the tickets.

Malaysia's Guiness Book of Record: Longest cinema queue ever

Eagerly waiting to get inside the cinema

    The movie lasted for 2 and a half hours! I am so seriously going to watch it for the second time! It was a great movie! I enjoyed it very much. No spoilers here for those who haven't watch it yet. ^_^

    Well, Seow Lee went back with her friends and Kok Wei suggested we play some arcades. I ended up racing with Kok Wei while Chin-Ee & Yen-Ee look on us.

Well, I sucked at video games too... BUT not all... Hehe...

    After that, it was more walking around MVM and buying stuffs here and there. Dinner was at Haji Samuri, a popular Satay night spot in Kajang.

FYI, it was Kok Wei's fourth piece of chicken of the day(3 was from KFC)

Kok Wei seems to enjoy his dinner alot

Managed to caught Yen-Ee off guard

My funny looking eyes, which I did not do it on purpose

    After dinner it was time to say goodbye again and hope to see you guys very soon! Do remember our potential planning to Penang! Hehe...

Posted at 02:56 am by Josh524

July 2, 2007   01:32 AM PDT
Hehe, thank you for the compliment Seow Lee. Well, not yet fly la. I am not superman. Rasa bangga only. Hehe...
Seow Lee
July 1, 2007   05:27 PM PDT
Wah.... Kok Wei, you can still eat sumore chicken?!
Tak cukup lagi from KFC?

ANyway, Josh, nice and cool looking blog! Love the design very much. Awesome...
Very "yau ying" photo there too :P
Am I seeing you flying off your chair liao?

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