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Sunday, December 30, 2007
The New Twins

     22 years ago on this very same date, a mother gave birth to a twins. Its not any ordniary twins, its the New twins! Armed with their charmness, coolness, outgoingness, friendliness etc... They start to take over the world (or rather, UNiM) by storm! Introducing, the New twins, Chin Ee and Yen Ee!

At first, they sneak attacked Voon Loong

Then, they attacked Wan Yong from both side

Later, Yen Ee formed an alliance with Yee Jie

Finally, Chin Ee captured me,
while Yen Ee took Siew Kian as a prisoner

    Back to reality, it was nice to know both of them. They are very helpful especially when there is assignments dateline, in every aspect. Really miss the time that we used to gossip around, crap about, working together in projects, and hanging out together.

Sean with his usual funny mimic, together with Chin Ee

Me with Yen Ee during graduation

Yen Ee candid shot

Chin Ee candid shot

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHIN EE & YEN EE!

Posted at 01:50 am by Josh524


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