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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Happy New Year 2008!

    Happy New Year 2008! May all the sueh-ness go away. May you hit the jackpot when you are gambling. May all the bad luck go into the drain. May you walk properly without falling down. May you dance without losing your balance. May you drink and not get drunk. May you eat without choking. May all the singles become couples. May all the unhappy couples become singles. ETC ETC all the good stuffs...

    Had dinner together with the colleague at Ajisen right after work. Those who went were Sai(Lao Da), Wendy(Da Xiao Jie), Wan Ting(One Thing) and yours truly(Joshie~~~) ^_^

Ajisen Ramen~

I saw this poster and...

    Decided to order the Crayfish Ramen. ^_^ It may not look as interesting as the poster, but then it does taste good. It has those typical Japanese curry taste, not too spicy but yet rich in spices.

Joshie's Ramen

Lao Da's Ramen

Da Xiao Jie's Ramen

One Thing's Ramen

    I rushed back home right after dinner to get ready before joining the countdown event with two pair of couples. I am still going to say this, I am pissed at someone for letting me to wait for nothing. Half an hour ago say came out, Half an hour later say going out soon... Who wouldn't pissed with that? Anyway, its already been a year and I should learn to let it be...

The countdown was at the opposite of the parliment...

At a field facing Esplanade

    Surprisingly there is nobody counting down from 10 to 1 with such a huge crowd. The fireworks started to set off right after the clock struck 12am. Then everyone screaming and shouting like mad.

    Where am I? Well, I am *happily* being a photographer for the couples... More like being left out alone while the pairs happily watching, hugging, kissing and enjoying the fireworks...

Couple number 1

Couple number 2

    Such an eye sore to me... But eventually the guys offered to hug me which I told them not to touch me and get lost declined. My first new year resolution is not to go out as a BIG LIGHT BULB anymore. -_-|||

Happy New Year 2008!

Posted at 06:38 pm by Josh524

Seow Lee
January 10, 2008   08:50 AM PST
"Well, I am *happily* being a photographer for the couples... More like being left out alone while the pairs happily watching, hugging, kissing and enjoying the fireworks..."

You sound really pathetic and desperate there, wei! Cheer up, man! You are not even near 30! You are not anywhere near despair!
Josh to Wiliam
January 3, 2008   10:14 AM PST
Light bulbed. LOL

Well, they did tell me to take the photo faster. Because everyone's stomache is playing drums nonstop.

Happy Happy New Year!

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