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Friday, January 04, 2008
Preview of 2007

    Since almost everyone I know is doing a blog entry flashing back the year 2007,  I can't miss out on it as well. ^_^ Here is a preview of what has happened in the year 2007.

    January was the study month. With all the exam charging at will towards us the poor UNiM students. So the month of January was study, study, and study over and over again...

Library in a jungle, spent most of my time here during exams

    The month of February was the Water Festival event, the first ever event that I organize in UNiM. And of course, who can forget Valentine's Day? I did not go out with anyone, a streak that lasted since 22years ago... BUT I did gave someone a bouquet of roses. ^_^

The organizing committee

For display purpose only

    The month of March marked the day of the About Love photography session. This is when I get to know Pek San closer, which we eventually turns out to be crazy hang out mates together.

Introduction to About Love

    Annual Dinner falls on the month of April. This time around almost all of my classmates went together, thus with the opportunity to take more photo to keep as memory as we were about to finish UNiM life soon. Of course, not forgetting my first clubbing experience was after the Annual Dinner. Oh ya, not to forget to finish up the damn tough thesis before the dateline...

Annual Dinner 2007

My thesis front page...

    The final exams falls on the month of May. Words can't describe how I feel right after the final paper as I am so darn happy to know that I no longer needed to sit for another exam anytime soon! Went to Sungai Gabai Waterfall for the first time too. And of course, BBQ before we all go our seperate ways and the birthday of yours truly. ^_^

Sungai Gabai trip

CS with his double face on 24th May

The birthday video (24th May 2007) ^_^

    The month of June was the travelling month. Went for vacation in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Paris. Graduation trip was to Tioman.

My first time to UK

Stirling Castle in Glasgow

On top of the double decker in Edinburgh

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Enjoying the cold breeze in London

Dragon Ball style

    Finally, the day that we all been waiting for is in the month of July. Its the Graduation day!

Trip to Penang before the graduation...

To visit the Penang gang

Graduation Day

Traditional throwing graduation cap photo

    August was the hang-out month. Went out to play, watch movie, gathering like the world is going to end tomorrow. The main reason? Is to enjoy the most enjoyable moment in between after the student life and before the working life.

The firework competition

Went out with Pek San for a few times

Went out for Satay with CY, Jermaine, Eu Ling and KK(the cameraman)

    UNiM reopens on the second week of September. Went back to make fun of juniors since they still need to suffer visit the juniors. This is also the month that I started my working life in Singapore...

Me and Eu Ling disturbing CY

Speeding back after a yam cha session

Went out with Jiahui on the last day before I take off to Singapore

    Getting started on my first job in October. Hard to get used to it at first. But then as times goes by starting to expand my network of friends and thus starting to feel more like part of the company.

Bought my K810i in Singapore

Attended a safety course together with Ang, Wendy and Jenny

Went to MOS as a light bulb

    November is all about OT, OT, more OT, tons of OT, and many more OT!!! My OT hours are almost triple compare to the first month of work. Thus, there is not much time for entertainment... BUT I did went back to Malaysia for a few days. ^_^

Stress'ness came out with this new species

Read this to add to cure my boringness

Or even Dota whenever possible

Spidey, got it from my first trip back to Malaysia

Sean's hand with the leftover of Tony Roma's

    Then of course, its the end of the year when December is around. Went to walk walk during Christmas and New Year Eve, company's dinner treat, and of course some hang out time with colleague.

Company's dinner at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant

My colleague, Naing Win (Nine Win)

Another colleague of mine, Kyaw Hla Win
(nickname La La Win)

The crowd during Christmas

Bought this AWESOME shirt for New Year

Goodbye 2007!

Welcome 2008!

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