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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Simply Ridiculous...

    First, it was Dato Chua admitting his mistake for "selecting the same hotel room over and over again" instead of "committing adultery"...

    Then it is Datuk Lingam debating that the guy in the video "he might be me, he might not be me"...

    What the heck? And it is now this...

    Here are some part of the news I think that is VERY... SCREWED UP!


    In case you don't know what is a bomoh, bomoh is a person that is able to so called can use black magic on this very modern world. The parents of the kidnapped children ask help from bomoh! See what desperate parents would do to find the kids... BUT... Isn't something like "Investigation shows sign that Sharlinie is still alive" sounds more convincing than bomoh's prediction?

Even more ridiculous...

    This sounds more hilarious... IF the bomoh knows that Sharlinie was being held captive in a flat nearby, why don't they storm in the flats 1 by 1 to end this  issue? And wow, the bomohs know whois involve and what the kidnappers intention is. OH WOW! BOMOH ARE SO GENG/GREAT/PRO! I wonder how come they don't join the investigantion unit since they are so GENG/GREAT/PRO?

    AND why does the father seek for police help at the beginning? Isn't it much better to ask directly for the bomoh's help? The next piece of news is the worst of all...

Most ridiculous of all...

    Don't tell me that a man and a woman can't out argued the other man? Assuming the odd one out is a woman, isn't it easier for the two to win the arguement? OH WAIT... The odd one out USE BLACK MAGIC on them as well! He/she cast the manipulation spell and manipulate the other two? Or is it the confuse spell?

    Even the father is CONFIDENT that his daughter will return home safely in less than a week as PREDICTED!!! OH WOW! THE BOMOH PREDICTION IS GOING TO BE DAMN ACCURATE! I seriously think the father is kinda... ridiculous. Oh wait, the bomoh uses black magic to convice him right? Yea, that's the only LOGICAL explanation...

    Well, since the bomohs are so damn GENG/GREAT/PRO, should people stop working and ask for the bomoh help to PREDICT for me what number is coming up in the lucky draw lottery? Should people stop revising and ask the bomoh to PREDICT for the upcoming exam question? Should people ask the bomoh to PREDICT the future to avoid any misfortunes?

    Asking help from bomoh is simply...


Posted at 11:02 pm by Josh524


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