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Sunday, January 27, 2008
And the first birthday entry goes to...

     First birthday of the year goes to Miss Wendy Lim! Wendy, getting older and wiser for another year already. She is that kind of girl that many people thinks that she is a fashion genius. Ranging from cheap accesories to expensive designer brand, she never failed to dress to impress. FYI, She love to eat ALOT of rice.

One of the steamboat event dated about 2years ago

Annual Dinner 2007, together with tall guy Alvin

Tioman trip with her UNiM honey, Ah Loong kor(drunk?)

Graduated from UNiM,
the moment that we all desperately waiting for ^_^

    Did I mentioned that she love rice? Besides than the usual fashionable Wendy, she is also a very funny girl. Always will tease whoever the target is until the target lose motivation to argue back and break down to tears.

    One of the usual target is Sean. Once upon a time, there was Sean who wanted to pee the pee but the pee place is full of people peeing pee. Therefore, Sean has no other place to pee his pee so he have to desperately pee his pee at some corner. During the process of pee, Wendy came across Sean and reacted the same like the photo below...

Finally, Sean did not speak for a whole week.
And they Wendy live happily ever after.

    Thats sums up what people should know about Wendy. Don't remember her as the rice girl only, remember her as the person who violated Sean's privacy as well. ^_^ Last but not least...

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Posted at 07:42 am by Josh524


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