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Monday, July 02, 2007
UK trip, this time about Glasgow

    Well then, here am I to continue on about my UK trip. After touring Edinburgh, I went to Glasgow which is the largest city in Scotland.

Here am I in George Square

    The first place to go? Of course its the hotel. Everyone heard about Holiday Inn right? I know, its a famous hotel with many franchises. I am staying in Holiday Inn! Hehe...

Well, Express by Holiday Inn to be precise. XD

    First stop is the city of Luss. It is a very nice and peaceful village located on the west of Loch Lomond.  Be sure to visit the Chapel of Luss. This is because...

Dunno why, I found this kind of place exciting. ^_^

Before leaving the Luss village

    Later on, it was a cruise around Loch Lomond. It was a very windy day and it freezing cold compare to all the previous days...

Its is so cold...

    Moving on, its time to visit Hairy Coo. Hairy Coo is also known as Highland Cow. These Coos are only common in Scotland. Everyone, meet the Hamish Mckay Denovan!

According to the info, he's 14years old human age

Mr. Hamish is resting

    After paying Mr. Hamish a visit, the journey was continue on to Stirling Castle. Too bad, the castle itself is going under some reconstruction... So there is nothing much to look at.

Since I reached here, advertise a bit

Hey, I found my long lost twin!!!

    It was then the end of my first day of touring in Glasgow. The second day in Glasgow, I get to visit the University of Glasgow. I did apply here for my university degree and got accepted but in the end I chose UNiM. Hehe...

You need a map to get around the Uni(prove how huge the Uni is)

Inside the Uni, it has its own musuem...

    Last but not least, its a visit to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It is said that this is the top tourist attraction spot in Scotland.

Size does matter?

    Thats about it of my trip to Glasgow. I will continue on about the London and Paris trip in the near future. Peace guys!

Posted at 01:39 am by Josh524


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