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Saturday, February 09, 2008
Rats! Oh rats!

    Goodbye piggie year! Welcome rat year! May Stuart Little brings you comfort, Mickey Mouse brings you joy, Ratatouille brings you abundance of good food and Minnie Mouse bring you ultimate pleasure & beauty!

Rat playing firecrackers... ^_^

Avoid sulky face during the festive period

    On the first day of CNY, we went to visit relatives(dad's side). The venue? Crown Princess Hotel. More specifically its in 'On The Tenth' Cafe. The time? About 12.30pm. The people? Altogether, totaled about 60 people. Well, that is kinda a normal number since my father has 12 siblings! (Don't fall from your chair) So add up with some of my cousins who already married and have kids, its around that number.

Well, you can't see 60 people here, only 27 people

Here is all the people

    After lunch, its the usual cousin, auntie/uncle, granduncle/grandaunties, nephew/niece photographing session. Frankly speaking, I couldn't remember who is who and SOME of the names. Hey, don't flame me in case anyone of you come across my blog. I am deeply sorry for my limited brain space. ^_^

My parents with the Choy San Yeh (direct transalation is god of richness?)

Camwhoring with my sister

Me, my mom and my cousin/roommate in Singapore


The eldest 3rd generation/my eldest cousin

    After the lunch, it was a visit to the grandparents(mother's parent) house. Sitting down and chit chat all the usual stuffs. How time flies, how much thing changes, and of course, their most favourite question is "when are you getting marry?". Well, I can dodge that question easily, just that I feel pity for my sisters. ^_^

Together with grandparents

My family members

Another cousin of mine, Kenny

    And now I am waiting for people to "open table". Anyone interested/going to "open table" kindly inform me. ^_^

Posted at 08:51 pm by Josh524


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