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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
There will always be a first time for everything.

    No, its not about I got curse by some bomoh's black magic for the first time. ^_^ As the title says it, I am going to preview abit about all the 'first time' event that happened for the time when I am back in Malaysia celebrating CNY'08.

The first time 'fly' back to home

The first time I give my parents money to be spend ^_^

    Somehow, the above two first timer are connected since I am earning my own money, which makes me able to travel back home by plane and contribute some of the earnings to my parents. ^_^

The first time I get lesser angpaus...

    Hey, I started to work doesn't mean I don't need angpau anymore. I still enjoy the feeling of reaping apart the angpau and digging out whats inside.

The first time I gambled for less than 3 hours in total

    Seriously, I gambled for 2hours 58minutes 49seconds only! I always gambled for at least for 6 days and can totaled up to 24hours! This time around, I gambled for 2 days only... What a waste... Anyway, I am still not a gamblaholic and I can live with that. Last but not least!...

I finally broke 180km/h for the first time!

    This is the first time I broke 180km/h! Passing my previous best of 176km/h. Don't bug me by saying you did 360km/h before. The car I am driving are not like the modded cars okay. Its pure genuine 100% unmodded, AND its already more than 10years old. So I enjoyed the thrill of speeding at that moment. ^_^

    Next entry, CNY meet ups!

Posted at 07:58 pm by Josh524

January 11, 2009   01:02 PM PST
jessie - Yap yap yap. But the our driving speed is different. =P

BTW, next time we go cruise together gether k? NO jam wan. ^_^

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