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Thursday, February 14, 2008
CNY 2008 meet up

     On the fifth day of CNY, I took a trip back to UNiM to visit all the people are still suffering enjoying the hellish beautiful life of UNiM. How clumsy am I that I forgotten where the hell is TTS2... Played a round of Mahjong(which I won ^_^) when I reached Gabriel/CY/Stephanie/Sook Wan/Eugene house. After that, the girls have to finish up some last minute assignments, so the guys went to 'Pokok Jati' restaurant for lunch.

Isaac french kissing the fish head...

Group photo, Isaac probably advertising for a toothpaste product

    Went back to UNiM together with Isaac to catch up with Brian. Talked bout alot of stuffs. From the time we worked together in SCB, hot dogs and bacons, coffee and tea, black and white, naughty and good, left right, chit chat, crip crap and some of the lamest joke ever! Halfway through the conversation, this happen...

Isaac looking towards the direction of the Pokok Jati restaurant

    After crapping for quite a while, we rested while waiting for Brian's friend to reach. What we did was we spent the waiting time on our favourite activity which is...


    Yactually, the photo above is taken by Brian's friend, Jessica, the one who we are waiting for. ^_^ She must have thought how weird it is to take such a photo in the public.

Me with Jessica

    Not long after that, saw Clara walking in. Managed to catch up with her about present, past and current issues. Its been so long since I last talked to her. Kinda glad bumped into her before I leave UNiM.

Acting cute with Clara

    Went back home for dinner and its time for round 2: revisit TTS2. Went to Darrick's house for a short gambling session. And of course, CY was there to become a cheerleader/supporter/observer. ^_^

Meet Darrick, I call him Dallick in MSN. ^_^

With CY, while Dallick become the cameraman

    After a shop gamling session, went to help out Eu Ling in UNiM. Managed to catch up with Stephanie Thi as well before we yam cha at Ibrahim Maju.

Gab taking photo of me taking photo of him, OR should it be
me taking a photo of Gab taking a photo of me taking a photo of him?

Me with Eu Ling

Sook Wan with Eugene

Mini group photo

Major group photo 1(L-R: Me, Eu Ling, Sook Wan, Eugene,
Chong Ee, Stephanie, Gabriel, CY)

Major group photo 2

One of the candid shot for the night

OMG, it wasn't me

Well, its a joke after all

Proper photo of me with Sook Wan

    I know some of you might not be reading this, but it was truly FUN!!! hanging out with all of you guys before I come back to work. Appreciated it alot! ^_^

Posted at 08:59 am by Josh524


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