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Sunday, February 17, 2008
Josh's most use words...

     Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, aunties and uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers, it is now time for a review of which words does Josh use the most for the past week.

Proper definition: Of no use anymore
Josh's definiton: A brainless bastard

Proper definition: An insulting word in Malay
Josh' definition: An useless idiot

Proper definition: an illegitimate child
Josh's definition: A selfish celaka

Proper definition: The most famous F word that everyone knows
Josh's definition: Same as above

    Example of sentences consist of all or any of the above mentioned words:

"That bastard thought I am a robot? Can work 24/7?"

"Celaka lar that person, think I am handling only his task?"

"Fcuk him! He's trying to compare 20 years of experience to a newbie? So called profesionalism..."

"To hell with that useless fella..."

"That useless celaka bastard is so fckued up!"

    That concludes everything for this post. Have a nice day ahead for all the good guys. And I hope all the bad guys will trip while walking, will choke while eating, will sprain while streching, will get electrocute while using pc, tyre will burst while driving, will blind while peeping, etc etc etc... ^_^

Posted at 07:47 pm by Josh524


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