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Sunday, March 09, 2008
IT Show 2008

    This IT Show is bigger than the one I previously went last year. Gadgets, high tech stuffs, and of course for me to drool over the show girls. Initially went there just to kill some time but ended up getting myself a cool looking mp3/mp4 player. ^_^

    The highlight of the evening was the runway show of various electronic products. Electronic + event girls, its really a good combination. Couldn't get a good photo of the runway though as I only have a camera phone compare to those pro photographer who have their high end camera. Not to mentioned that I am standing on the side of the stage compare to those pros occupying the best spot right in front of the stage.

PSP promoters

PS3 promoter, Winnie Heng
(I read her blog, thats how I know her name)

    Those are the two CLEAREST photo I got. For those maniac who are interested to see more photos, go to any search engine and do some searching.

Ladies & Gentlemen...

    Now, introducing the newest family member to the Josh's gadget family, my first ever MP4 player!

Silky Black Touch Screen MP4 Player~

    It looks good, long playback hours, slim, classy, light weight & I seriously need some companion during my travelling time to my workplace.

*Off to the song transfer process*

Posted at 10:41 pm by Josh524


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