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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Just another tag

    One more tag to go, this time tagged by Mr. Miss Chan Pek San. Kena questioned on why didn't do her tag. >_<

Pek San, too high until head shaking too much. ^_^


Real Name: Soo Kin Cheong

Nickname: Joshie, Josh Josh, Soo Kin, KC, Ah Soo, SooSoo, Kin Cheong, Skin, J-mui

Married: Haven't

Male/Female: Male

High School: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Kajang

University/College: University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Short or Long Hair: Currently short

Are you a health freak?: Er, no?

Height: 177cm

Do you have a crush on someone?: YES I DO

Do you like yourself: Yes and no

Piercings: None

Righty or lefty: Lefty


Surgery: I don't think I have any before

Piercing: None

Person you see in the morning: Bus driver?

Award: Kindergarten

Sport you joined: Football

Pet: Terry the dog, joint-pet together with my sister

Vacation: If I recall correctly, its Thailand

Concert: Does Kindergarten concert counts? If you talk about celebrities concert, its Westlife.

First crush: Child crush? Primary school. Real Crush? Secondary school


Eating: KFC

Drinking: Plain water & Vanilla Coke

I'm about to: Play Dota

Your future...

Want kids: Sure

Want to get married: Abuthen?

Careers in mind: Currently Engineer, but might change field sooner or later

Which is better?

Lips or eyes?: Lips

Hugs or kisses: Hugs

Shorter or taller?: For what purpose?

Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

Troublemaker or hesitant?: I hate troublemaker...

Have u ever....

Kissed a stranger?: No

Drank bubbles: No

Lost glasses/contacts: No

Ran away from home: Nope

Liked someone younger: Of course

Liked someone older: Yes

Broke someone's heart: Er... I guess not?

Been arrested: Of course not

Cried when someone died: Yeah.

Do u believe in...

Yourself?: Abuthen?

Miracles: At times.

Heaven: At times also.

Santa Claus: Still at times

Magic: Still at times times times

Angels: Er, at times? Hahaha

Answer truthfully..

Is there someone you want to be with right now?: Yes yes yes...

Do you believe in God?: The Big Guy above? At times ^_^

Tag 5 ppl:
Wai Yee
Yee Bing
William Soo

Posted at 02:58 pm by Josh524

April 7, 2008   04:48 PM PDT
How do i know that u're tagging me??
April 5, 2008   03:06 PM PDT
Hardly the only place!

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