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Monday, April 07, 2008
Converse Model Search 2008

    Was at Vivo City yesterday and saw this Converse Model Search 2008. There are a 10 girls and 10 guys for the search. There's the usual segment such as catwalk and Q&A session. As a typical guy, I watched almost the whole Q&A session for the ladies and ignored the guy's Q&A session.

Bad positioning + camera phone = less photos...

    Each of them have 2 questions, 1 of them a common question which goes something like this...

"What is the most unforgettable thing that you did to a guy?"

The emcee with one of the contestant

    One of the contestant answered "Prepared a surprise birthday party for his boyfriend" which I think its quite a safe answer for such a question. Besides this particularly normal answer, the others were like... extraordinary? The following were the answers by the other girls...

"I told a guy to kneel down and ask me to be his GF and I will agree. But once he did that I just walked away..."

"I went to a date with a guy. Halfway through the date, i told him I have to go to the restroom and returned home. I never answered his call and thats the end"

"I ditched my then BF for his best friend"

    Still quite common to you guys? Wait till you hear about this...

"A guy once booked a hotel restaurant to have dinner with me. I told him I would go but in the end I did not show up"

"I went for clubbing with my then BF. In the end, I left the club with another guy while the BF just stand there staring at us"

"I scratched my BF car just because he lied to me"

"I went in to my BF house and take one side of each of his shoes and threw them away when I found out he lied to me"

    When I heard those, I was like WTF man. I was expecting unforgettable "positive" event, not much to the unforgettable "negative" event. I must say, girls are scary when they are mad... One thing learned is that don't mess with Singapore's any girls...

Posted at 11:50 am by Josh524


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