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Saturday, April 12, 2008
Annual Dinner 2008

    As promise, this post will be full of photos taken during the event itself. First of all, let me present to you a very gorgeous, handsome, cool, goodlooking, nice, great, not that bad cam-whore photo of myself.

Just one pics only... Please bear with it. ^_^

    I think it shouldn't be call the Annual Dinner anymore. Should be rename to "Annual Camwhoring". Seriously everyone took alot of photos yesterday. Here's what inside my camera.

While waiting for the VIP to arrive
(VIP as in late comers)

The first dish of the day and the only food photo
as we were too busy camwhoring with one another

Ngee Zheng advertising for a toothpaste product? ^_^

The god of gambler look-alike(Isaac) with the two bodyguard,
Ah Seq(me) and Ah Qiu(Brian)

CY the Chinaman, Josh the guest from Singapore, Gabriel the host?

Eugene, the prince charming

Taking pics of Isaac taking pics of the band

Me, the god of gambler's partner(Joyce) and
the god of gambler himself

Xia Zhennan, the pro photographer who demands
only the best in any of the photos he taken

Miss Nottingham finalist, Yenli who goes something like
"OH MY GOD! YOU ARE HERE!" when she first saw me. ^_^

Patricia, together we did last minute revision
until the wee hour of the dawn

Eelaine Boo, another finalist for the Miss Nottingham
and for the first time we met in person

Suet Ling, the most die-hard Kimi Raikkonen fan
I met so far

Heng Wen in brown and Jiahui in black, took pics with these
2 lovely ladies for all the annual dinners I attended

Darrick, whom I refer to as Dallick in MSN, keep on
talking about how many IPods I owe him

Joey, kinda weird that we so-called know each other
but then this is the first photo we took together

Lauren on the far left, Stephanie in a gold dress that suits
Gabriel's gold tie, myself and Jeannie

The good-looking guys group photo

    Before the end of the event, managed to get Jason Lo a.k.a. J Lo to take a photo together. FYI, Jason Lo is quite huge with his songs in Malaysia. Of course, then there's the MC for the night, Phat Fabs and Ben. Which means, must take photos!

Star strucked, posing with Jason Lo and Yenli

The emcee for the night, Phat Fabs and Ben

Smoking hotter than usual Clara(whom I usually call

Hot chicks alerts on the left and right! Eu-Ling and Pek San

    Went for the after-party at Sanctuary. Its my first time there together with some engineering juniors, and met some new friends while I were there. Thanks to the crowd, I have to parked my car about 10minutes walk from Sanctuary... Limited photos as I am only armed with my HP camera.

Sanctuary, one of the more well known hang-out place

See all the empty glasses, bascially there is about 10 of us
around a small bar table

Chong Ngie, who really know how to move on the dance floor

After a glass of tequila, S-kor automatically know how to groove
according to the music

Brian (I call him Balayan) totally ignored me when
I am taking a pics together with him!

She's Jeslyn, whom Brian can't take his eyes of her ^_^

    Yada yada, partied till about 3am. Sat down and chit chatted a while before returning home. Reached home about 5am! But then, lucky there is no early morning lecture class. ^_^

    To all who have finished reading/browsing this entry, can you kindly send me photos from the Annual Dinner or Sanctuary after-party? Thanks!

Posted at 05:15 pm by Josh524


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