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Saturday, April 19, 2008
NBA Playoffs!

    While most people are busy with whether Man Utd or Chelsea will win the EPL(cause Man Utd will surely win it), I myself prefer to have a look towards the basketball world. The NBA playoffs is just around the corner!

    For starters/beginners/noobs, there are 16 teams remaining, 8 teams each in the East & West competing for the NBA trophy. Teams plays each other to a best of seven games elimination series. Which means teams need to have four wins to advance to the next round. I will be previewing the matches and biasly predicting the winners. ^_^

Eastern Conference Matchup

    The winner of Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks will take on the winner of Cleveland Cavaliers vs Washington Wizards. While the winner for Detroit Pistons vs Philadelphia 76ers will face off with the winner of Orlando Magic vs Toronto Raptors. The eventual winners will take on each other and be crown the Eastern Conference Champion.

    There is only one game in the Eastern Conference starting tomororw, which is the Cavs vs Wizards.

Wizards Antawn Jamison against Cavaliers Lebron James

    Up to date, they meet each other for 3 consecutive years in the playoff first round. The Cavs win the previous 2 series. I am hoping for the Cavs to repeat their winning form over the Wizards. Wizards does not have a defensive stopper to stop Lebron, but on the other hand Lebron's teammates are not much of an offensive threat as well.

    The Wizards can double team Lebron without worrying much about the other Cavs supporting cast. UNLESS, once again the unsung hero will start hitting 3s like what he did against Detroit Pistons in last year playoffs. I fancy Cavs to fight hard and win this series.

Western Conference Matchup

    As for the West, Los Angeles Lakers will start off again Denver Nuggets. The winner of that series will face off with the winner of Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets. The young New Orleans Hornets team will have to go against the Dallas Mavericks. The winner of that seris will be facing the winner of San Antonio Spurs vs Phoenix Suns. The eventual winners will play each other for the honour of the Western Conference Champion.

    Except for the Lakers & the Nuggets, all the other 6 teams are playing on the opening playoffs night.

The first game will be Manu Ginobili's Spurs vs Steve Nash's Suns

    The Spurs defeated the Suns in last year playoffs semi-final, which I think that will change this year. The Spurs did little or no changes to their team, while the Suns traded for Shaquille O'Neal. When this trade got through, I was seriously stunned since its kinda downgrade the Suns playing style.

    The Suns certainly are not the Run & Gun team they use to be with the addition of Shaq. BUT Shaq did proved that he could provide some defense while contributing on the offense. Suns did won a couple of match against the Spurs in the regular season. Therefore, I am praying very hard for the Suns will be able to topple the Spurs.

Next, Chris Paul & the Hornets taking on Dirk Nowitzki & the Mavs

    The Hornets players are relatively new to the playoffs, which means less playoffs experience which will eventually hurt them. The Mavs meanwhile are looking for a payback after 2 previous dissapointed playoffs campaign. Chris Paul leads his team in assist, scoring and steals. His Mavs counterpart, Jason Kidd an already proven player who is a tough opposition to face.

    Lets see now, Jason Kidd is more physical than Chris Paul, Nowitzki is a very agile 7 footer whom I couldn't see anyone in Hornets slowing him down, both team Centers are not known for their offense. Chances are the Mavs will be the clear favourites. But I don't follow what most people believe. I BELIEVE that Hornets will be advancing to the next round.

Deron Williams & the Jazz against Tracy McGrady & the Rockets

    Once again, a rematch from last year playoffs. Last year, the Rockets lost to Utah due to a weaker point guard and basically no contribution from the power forward spot. This time around, Rockets tune up the roster by trading for a very productive power forward in Luis Scola & of course a veteran point guard with playoffs experience in Bobby Jackson.

    Of course, that still could not match up with Deron Williams & the Jazz front court. Jazz will be assume to have an easy series against the Rockets. UNFORTUNATELY, the Jazz will have to deal with McGrady unbelivable plays. He scored 13 points in 33 seconds to beat the defensive specialist Spurs team! I want to see McGrady to defeat the Jazz.

    Stay tune for another 4 match up preview by me.

Posted at 04:46 pm by Josh524


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