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Sunday, April 20, 2008
The remaining NBA playoffs preview

    Okay fine... The Suns and the Rockets lose. The Suns vs the Spurs was a very close game, and the Suns should have won if they stay calm during the final minutes. As for the Rockets... They have a poor shooting night and I guess thats why they lose. Anyway, now to preview the four other match that is going to be play later today.

Dwight Howard's Magic against Chris Bosh's Raptors

    The battle of the big guys. Dwight Howard is a monsterous player who can jump until he's able to kiss the rim, has the highest number of dunks and a great low post player. On the other hand, Chris Bosh is able to make some jumper outside and able to outrun some of his counterparts. Its all down to the supporting cast for both players.

    I think the Magic will win this series, simply because the Magic have Hedo Turkoglu, one of the most improved player and a great clutch shooter in the fourth quarter. The Magic also have Rashard Lewis, who is able to drive into the lane and make some 3pointers. Magic all the way!

Chauncey Billups & the Pistons competing
against Andre Iguodala & the Sixers

    Seriously speaking, I think this will be a boring series. The Pistons have a very balance starting 5, and all they have to worried is Andre Iguodala. The other Sixers are not known for offense as well as defence. This will be a considerable easy series for the Pistons.

    One thing I don't like about the Pistons is their arrogance, especially Rasheed Wallace thicker than brick face. He's think he's the king of the world, nobody can defeat his team, he's the best guy in NBA and you know the rest. I hate his guts! Therefore, I would love to see the Pistons lose in this series and see how his responses will be. Go Sixers!

Kevin Garnett's Celtics vs Josh Smith's Hawks

    29 wins. Yes, 29 is the number of wins that the Celtic have more than Hawks in the regular season. The Celtics will be the clear favourite to win this series, but don't expect the Hawks to back down at all. The Hawks are a very good young team that keeps on running and hustling. The bad news for them is that the Celtics are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA.

    I can see that Josh Smith have the potential to be somebody like Garnett in the future. Maybe he ought to learn a thing or two before he will reach the stage where Garnett is now. This series is predicted to be a very competitive series between the veterans that wants to take home the NBA championship and the young guns that is glad to make the playoffs for the first time. Anyhow, the Celtics will come out as the victors.

Kobe Bryant's Lakers to play against Carmelo Anthony's Nuggets

    Kobe Bryant is like someone that you compare to Wayne Rooney in football. Competitive and maybe at times over-confident. This is the first time he have a great supporting cast since the departure of O'Neal. As for the Nuggets, they have a terrific scorer in Anthony. Here's the fact, nobody in the Nuggets can guard Kobe. Thus, Kobe will be free to do whatever he wants to whenever he wants to.

    Nuggets will be able to put up the fight, but eventually the Lakers triangle offense will hurt the Nuggets. The Lakers have a starting five which is very well known for their offense and of course able to play defense which is particularly hard to beat. Nuggest may need to double or triple team to at least slow Kobe down, but then all his other teammates will be able to score. Lakers to win this series.

Posted at 05:56 pm by Josh524


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