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Monday, April 21, 2008
No Longer...

    There will be the time that you no longer will be able or need to do some particular things anymore. Well, that time for me has come, and I have listed down the stuffs that I will no longer have the chance to do anymore in PEC.

No longer will I have a chance to call Sai
as Seh Leh Neh in PEC

No longer I have the chance to talk crap with Hla Win
and listen to him saying "whatever lar" in PEC

No longer I will have the chance to imitate Eddy's way of saying
"doing what" or talk rude together with Ah Chow in PEC

No longer I have a chance to laugh like mad together with Wendy
or have a chance to enjoy artificial Starbucks with Dixon in PEC

No longer I have a chance to call Ah Chin as Ah Piow
or chit chat with my former boss, Mr. Hu in PEC

No longer I can hear Naing Win calling me Nyi Lay(young bro in Burmish)
or I can call him as Ko Ji(elder bro in Burmish) in PEC

No longer I can discuss silly and funny stuffs with Hew in PEC

No longer I am able to talk internal jokes together
with Zaw Naing Ooooooooooo in PEC

No longer I wil be able to leave my name on
the lunch box or dinner box in PEC

No longer I will be able to surf my blog on
the second floor anymore in PEC

No longer I will be using this card keys anymore in PEC

    Yes people, after the photo above I assume you all know what this is. I have already changed job! Actually, I started my new job last week, but then was trying to get to use to the new environment first before telling the world that I changed job.

    Anyway, what I will be missing are those guys that I always crap together, eat together, walk together, site visit together, OT together, hang out together, get into trouble together, and of course back stabbing together. Hehe...

    Ya, there will be a thing or two that I won't miss. One of it is...

No longer I need to wear this so-called
"prisoner wear" to work in PEC anymore!

Posted at 12:12 am by Josh524


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