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Thursday, April 24, 2008
Relationship? A strange and funny thing

     Recently, I been discussing about alot of relationship issues with friends, cousin, and my mom. YES! My mom, of all the people... And she took a very big circle before she come to the point... The conversation goes something like this.

Mom: How are you lately my son?
Me:    Fine, what about you?
Mom: Okay okay lar. Not that bad. Any plans to study master in the UK?
Me:    Er... Got, but not now lar...
Mom: Why not now? Not enough money we can help you wor, don't worry.
Me:    I know I know, its just that now is not the right time lar.
Mom: Why not? You want to come back Malaysia to work?
Me:    Nolar, where got. Here I earning okay mar.
Mom: So you like Singapore alot is it?
Me:    Not that bad lar. Can survive lor.
Mom: Why you like Singapore so much ar?
Me:    I don't exactly like it or hate it wor.
Mom: Don't plan to come back to Malaysia?.
Me:    Now? Don't have, but in the future don't know.
Mom: Why not now? Is it because you already have a GF in Singapore?
Me:    (shocked) Har?
Mom: Don't worry, just tell me that you have a GF lar. I can accept de.
Me:   (more shocked) Har? Har?
Mom: Now you a big boy liow already, I cannot stop you from having a GF.
Me:    (extremely shocked) Har? Har? Har?
Mom: But find a capable girl, not those who know how to use your money only.
Me:    (ultimately shocked) Har? Har? Har? Har?
Mom: But don't  just because of her, you don't want to study master.
Me:    (over the limit shockness) Har? Har? Har? Har? Har?
Mom: Just tell me lar that you already found a girl. I can accept it de.
Me:    (sarcastically) Okay lar. I am now dating on a heavy spending China girl.
Mom: Har?! You want to kek sei me is it. Go find such a GF for what.
Me:    Yeah, very pretty de. Cute some more. Wait, I show you the pics.

I show my mom this photo of Jin Sha ^_^

Mom: Aiyo, my son don't just go for looks only.
Me:    Aiyo, what to do. I like mar.
Mom: You want to kek sei me is it?
Me:    Just now you say just tell you if I have a GF?
Mom: But not those who only know how to spend money, must earn money also..
Me:    Aiyo, actually you know who she is or not?
Mom: Your heavy spending GF lar.

Me:    She's a famous singer lar, name Jin Sha.
Mom: Har, really ar?

Me:    Yes...
Mom: You not lying ar...
Me:    No...

How I wish if she really is my girl... ^_^

     Then she continue on lecturing me about why should I find a capable GF, which I keep on aswering with a "oh" or "yes". On a seperate incident, me and my cousin talks about this dee jay back in Malaysia. He has a heart to heart session once a night every week, and he provides the same old answer for every relationship problem. Once again, a translation from a Chinese radio station...

Example 1:
Caller A: But I already be together with him for 5 years.
Dee Jay: So what? Break off lar.
Caller A: But I...
Dee Jay: Still but? Just break off lar.
Caller A: Although...
Dee Jay: What although? Break off lar.
Caller A: But then...
Dee Jay: But then what lar... Break off lar...

Illustration purpose only

Example 2:
Caller B: I have a problem with my guy.
Dee Jay: Have a problem? Break off lar.
Caller B: But he...
Dee Jay: But what? Just break off lar.
Caller B: Still...
Dee Jay: Still what lar? Break off lar...
Caller B: What if...
Dee Jay: What if what? Just break off lar...

Example 3:
Caller C: Actually, I don't agree the way you advise your listener.
Dee Jay: You don't agree? Then don't listen lor...
Caller C: But you...
Dee Jay: But what? Don't listen lor...
Caller C: Seriously, you...
Dee Jay: What? Don't like don't listen lor...
Caller C: The way you talk...
Dee Jay: I talk what? Don't listen lor...

I forever wondering WTF the DJ is doing,
keep telling people to break up

     Yap, this deejay week in and week out keeps telling people to break off from their current relationship. And no matter whats the relationship situation is, the end result he will always encourage them to break up. I don't know if he is still doing that particular show or already been fired due to the sudden increase of divorce rate.

    On another different scenario, I had this random conversation with a friend of mine about relationship. This happened in MSN just a few days ago...

Friend: Girls are quite loyal you know?
Me: Why say so?
Friend: Girls will always be the one who tries to save a breaking off relationship.
Me: Even if there is a third party?
Friend: Yeap.
Me: Even if there is no more feeling between them?
Friend: Yeap.
Me: Even if the BF totally not interested to care about the GF anymore?
Friend: Yeap.
Me: Well, that is not loyal. That is stupid.

I seriously think girls who are still holding on; even
though its obvious that the guy no longer love her, are stupid

Friend: What stupid? Girls appreciate relationship thats why they always will try to save it! Breaking up is the last resort.
Me: Isn't that obviously stupid? What for trying to save a relationship when the guy no longer care about the girl?
Friend: Nonono, its quite sayang that after pak toh for so long then suddenly break up. Thats why girl will always be the one to save it.
Me: See, see. Just for the sake of "sayang to let go" then continue on with a meaningless relationship. Isn't that stupid, just like clapping one sided hand?
Friend: Then what you expect us girls to do? Guys are not that better than us.
Me: Why now suddenly guys fault?
Friend: In the process of wooing, will be so damn romantinc. Once become BF/GF, then the guy won't repeat the same romantic acts anymore.

See see, cannot overtalk me, now trying to
push the blame to the guy's side...

Me: Nonono, you are wrong, not all guys are like that. You cannot generalized all guys into that category.
Friend: Ya right, like you pak toh before.
Me: No, I haven't. But I can guarantee I won't act like that in a relationship.
Friend: Ya right. Saying is way easier than doing it.
Me: How do you know that I won't continue on being romantic?
Friend: Then wait until you get a girl, I want to see how you suffer to maintain that romantic feeling.
Me: We''ll see about that lor...

Did what I said considered as NATO? (No action, talk only)

Friend: Lets bet on it.
Me: Oi, cannot. How can bet on my relationship romanticness?
Friend: Since you say you can lor, why are you afraid to bet?
Me: This is not afraid, this is my principle.
Friend: Yaya, whatever. We'll see when you get yourself a girl.

    Conclusion is, girls shouldn't always be loyal and guys shouldn't always be jerk. I do notice that guys put in gazillion effort to woo the girl. But once relationship started, many of them just cooled off on the romantic part after a few months. Same goes for girls... When broke up, the girls tend to think of the happier times when they were together while totally ignore how bad the BF could be...

Posted at 12:15 am by Josh524

January 11, 2009   01:07 PM PST
jessie - Of course its interesting. This is my entry ma. XD jkjk

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