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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Horror Movie Marathon

   For the past 2 weeks, I been watching horror movies. Or should it be violent movie? Anyway, I watched 7 movies (an average of a movie per 2 days) and I decided to do a brief review for all of it.

The Mist

    Okay, this movie was not really that bad. At first, its your usual human against creature inside the mist. Then, it was a group of idiotic believers against the still sane town's people. The foolish bitch in this movie is Mrs. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden) who keeps on saying its god will and they should accept their fate and shits like that.

    On the other hand, David Drayton (Thomas Jane) is your typical hero type of guy who try to find a way to go against the creature instead of just sitting around and wait for their time to die. Not much of action but more to the emotion kind of movie. The part I like the most was when someone head-shot Mrs. Carmody. ^_^

    The ending was kinda... sad. Drayton escaped with a group of people, ran out of gas while still in the mist and he has just enough bullets to 'assassinate' everyone besides himself. Just as he executed them, the mist disappear and around him was the rescue team. Kinda sad huh?


    Typical psycho killer playing around with a helpless victim. As usual, the helpless victim will overcome her fear and manage to outsmart the psycho killer. Angela Bridges (Rachel Nichols) is the damsel in distress and Thomas (Wes Bentley) is the psycho killer. By the way, P2 is the basement parking area, where all action takes place.

    Unlike other psycho killer movie, Thomas has a very unique assistant, a dog. Yes, a DOG. The dog plays a big role barking and chasing Angela. In the end, it died courtesy of countless stabbing by Angela. Some cat & mouse action involved throughout the movie, which I thought that is nothing new.

    The climax of the movie is when Thomas and Angela drifting fast & furious style in the basement. In the end, Angela crashed and Thomas confronted her. Angela took the opportunity to cuffed Thomas to the car and set it on fire. Then BOOM! End of another typical psycho killer movie.


    Well, not a very well known movie. But I gave it a shot because it stars Emmanuelle Vaugier, who previously caught my attention in other movies. The story, a legendary creature came back alive and started killing in an isolated town. The remaining brave town folks decided to go against the creature.

    As usual, the guns, pistols, rifles etc are not useful against this creature. They brainstormed, troubleshot, back tracked and finally came up with a poison that can kill the creature. One by one died, and finally it was Sheriff Annie Flynn (Emmanuelle Vaugier) against the creature.

    As the creature trying to chew on Annie, she injected the poison into herself then its then end for both of them. Unhappy ending... Because Annie died... Boohoo...

Day of the Dead

    I think this is a low budget film, considering that is the only sucky/ low quality/not nice/not creative/miserable movie poster that I can find online. I actually kinda like this movie. A small town was infested by a virus that can turn people into a zombie. Sarah Bowman (Mena Suvari) returned back to her hometown only to find out that the virus is slowly spreading across the town. Everyone is either slowly turned into a zombie or become the zombie's meal.

    Sarah with a few others tried to get out of town, and of course, zombie gets in the way. The zombie in this movie is damn brutal, they know how to shoot a weapon, run damn fast, crawl on wall like spiderman and the so-called boss of the zombie can avoid bullets like those people in The Matrix.

    People dying one by one and the survivors tries their best to take cover from the army of zombie. After enough running and hiding, Sarah reached a place where they are able to toast them become barbecue zombie. Burn burn burn, then end of story. One thing to notice is that, a guy who has a crush on Sarah is still having the same feeling even after he turned into a zombie! He even protected her against attack from the other zombies! Thats relatively something new.

Diary of the Dead

    From a fast pace zombie, we move to the traditional slow-like-paralyzed zombie. This movie is based on hand held camera like the Blair Witch Project. Luckily this movie was not a headache compare to the Blair Witch Project (I turned off BWP after 5 minutes into the movie).

    Along the way to survival, they encountered hospital packed with zombies, a barnyard where they fix their vehichle & soon zombie surround them, a hideout filled with living humans, home where the family turned to zombie and finally settled down in a mansion of one of the friends. In the end, they isolated themselve inside the mansion's panic room and wait for the whole ordeal to end.

    Whats so special about this movie is... James Creed (Joshua Close) was so enthusiastic to keep the camera rolling and even dares to stay back alone just to keep his video camera charging! WTF... Even the moment before he die, he request his girlfriend to capture that moment. Now thats something different.


    This is one hell of a great movie. Its some sort like a biography of Michael Myers, a disturbed child who started killing when he is still a young boy! 10 year old Michael Myers (Daeg Faerch) started by killing off a school bully. On one halloween night, he killed his father, step-sister and her boyfriend. He was convicted and was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

    For those who likes killing scenes, there is many more besides than the mentioned above. The movie keeps on going until Michale Myers (Tyler Mane) reached adulthood. He escaped from his cell due to two of the world's most stupid warden ever. Then he go around killing and hunting for his younger sister.

    He killed her step-parents, friends, officers, almost everyone who stood in his way. In the end, its his sister who ended the horror with a bullet through his brain. A very very disturbed movie which I think its incredible.

The Cook

    He kills, he cook, you eat. I advise people not to eat while watching this movie. UNLESS, you are practising to participate in Fear Factor. A Hungarian Cook (jokingly call the Hungary Cook) comes to cook for students who stays back for the holidays. The recipe? Their friends.

    Clueless student die one by one and ended up on the dining table for the friends. The cook pretended innocent and pretended to only know Hungarian language. He said something like "I just killed your friends" and "the next one is you" in Hungarian language and this particular girl, Amy (Makinna Ridgway) find its SWEET! SWEAT!!!

    There is some funny moment, like blood spurting out like a fountain when a killing takes place. There is some gross part, like the cook chopping off the body part and use it as the ingredient for dinner. Watch it just for fun, but maybe not worth the replay.

    After watching much horror movie for over the past 2 weeks, I found out that my brain is polluted by horror thinking. When I walk around the city, I keep on thinking what if there is a zombie around. When I am about to go around a hidden corner, what if there is a psycho waiting at the other end. When I am eating some meatballs, what i the meatball ingredient is human's meat? The horror of horror movies...

Posted at 11:56 pm by Josh524

Josh to pamsong
May 16, 2008   03:00 PM PDT
Well, only the first 2 are available in Asia i think. The others are release in the States but not as popular as the first 2 movies I guess.
May 16, 2008   01:30 PM PDT
Hmm. Never saw many of the movies you listed. Some B-grade wan issit? Never come out in cinema wan.

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