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Thursday, March 06, 2008

    Actually, I wanted to share this earlier, but nothing is too late! For those people who play basketball, of course you heard some harsh words, comments and critics on how to improve your playing skills. Anyway, I was playing basketball with one of my colleague last year as we overheard some celaka words words of wisdom from a dad to a son...

"Use your leg strength!"

"Hold the ball properly!"

"Use another hand of yours to support!"

"Shoot with more strength!"

"Aim for the rim! Where are you looking at?!"

"How can you be better if you continue to play like this?!"

"Did you even listen to my advise?!"

"How can you play when you don't even know the basic?!"

    Guess what? The son threw the ball aside and give his father one of those celaka mad grins. IF this words come from a father/coach to a teen trying to make it to the school team, I can understand the harsh comments. But then...


    First thing first, the basketball is even bigger than the kids head! How the hell is he able to hold the ball properly like his oh-so-profesional dad? Seriously, this won't help the kid to master basketball faster instead it might end up the other way. If I am the kid, I will seriously hate basketball for life. Come on, at least let the kid start with a shorter rim, smaller court, and those primary school level court.

    And the most basic thing to learn in basketball is DRIBBLE not to SHOOT!. You should train him to dribble the ball first you jerk. At least that's more possible than shooting the ball. This dad has my award for "Most Celaka Dad for the year 2007"

Posted at 08:55 pm by Josh524

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