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Monday, March 31, 2008
KKW or Kok squared

     I bet all the ex-UNiM still remember all the nicknames that has been given to us by one another. There's 1628, Se-An, Xiao Hong. Gay lou, Di Di, Ge Ge, Siew Jie, See Tao Poh, short skirt, Mat-Ke-Thew, Aravind,  Tomoi etc etc... But one of the most significant nickname of course its Kok Squared.

    Kok Squared a.k.a. Koh Kok Wei is famous for his blurness during the time in UNiM. But at times can be serious and concentrate to finish off his work as well. Anyway, to be an "old wise man" you have to be "young blur dude" first right? Kok Squared is one more step to be an "old wise man" as today marks the 23rd birthday of Mr. Kok. ^_^

    The followings are some photos to remind him of how he looks like during his young age...

Bunch of malat lous in Penang

Kok Wei looking cool

Enjoying 'sucking' the crab roll?

Being tempted just like a naive kid?

Superman in disguise?

Last but not least, transvestite in the process?

    Anyway, guess you will be having fun celebrating your birthday. Don't get too drunk and do something unexpected okay? LOL



Posted at 08:57 pm by Josh524

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