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Thursday, May 01, 2008
MDG product? The product of MDG?

     Its already yesterday news that Cindy became the first MDG winner. First of all, everyone agrees that by using the voting system is just for the sake of making profit rather than to find a winner with great potential. Rumors has it that Cindy's dad is so damn rich that he tell his co-worker to vote for her and let him pay the bills. And then there you go, a rich spoilt brat winning the competition courtesy of her so damn rich dad.

    Anyway, its already over and I think there won't be any season two following up. UNLESS they seriously consider to change the voting system. Just fresh from waking up, I did some photoshop pics of what kind of product the top 3 girls might endorse... ^_^

    First, we got the second runner up Hanis. Everyone thinks that she should win, but she came in third. She is famous for her continuously life-long usage of the word 'macam'. For those who don't know malay, macam give a similar meaning like 'its like'. Yeah, so I do think that she is comparable to Paris Hilton and other bimbos. Its like, she uses its like so often but in another language thus its like nobody notice she uses macam as its like? Anyway... I really have no idea why people label her as manis...

Hanis should endorse some honey product...

    I seriously don't get it where's the manis part of her? Does making some miang'ish' voice when she don't know how to continue on talking makes her manis? I don't think that is appealing at all. Continue on to be a bimbo in the process by keep on replacing 'its like' to 'macam'.

    The second place we have the shy shy Adeline... How can you be a model when you are shy and can't speak out? I have no idea how come she came in second in this competition... Being a model is not just about being tall and having big boobs, its also about being able to present herself. She even pronounce sushi as susi and still pronounce it as susi even when the judges corrected her!

Imagine driving around and you see this billboard...

    She just does not stand out from the crowd other than being the first MDG to qualify for the second round. She is just... forgettable. Notning about her stands out to make people take notice of her...

    Speaking of standout, no other contestant is more stand out than Cindy. I guess she is known as the bitchiest contestant with that lousy fake accent. I can also sense that there is going to be an anti-website dedicated to her soon. Whether you like it or not, she is your winner which many people say its due to her rich father. All she do is complain and complain and complain and complain endlessly. Macam she is always correct and other people is wrong. I am absolutely sure most of you know about the 'toh may toes' incident?

Toh May Toes sauce anyone?

    I seriously can't see any people will take her as a role model. Whichever blog you visit, you can see that there is not a single positive comment on her. Even the spectators did not cheer much for her winning the MDG title. That shows how much people dislike her. I actually knew someone with a similar attitude just like Cindy... All the time talking about herself, arrogant, bragging, stuffs like that. In the end we eventually lost contact because you know why. ^_^

    But whats over is over. What we learn that whoever have the money will eventually turn out to be the winner. Thus, in the future do not involve in any vote for the winner contest! Although, I did one time spent more than RM50 to send SMS to vote for someone

Posted at 05:44 pm by Josh524

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