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Sunday, May 04, 2008
NBA Playoff Conference Semi-final

    Sad case... 2 of my most favourite teams in the West have been eliminated from the Playoffs. Damn sad... I was actually hoping that the Rockets and the Suns will make it to the semi-final... Mana tau...

The West semi-final scenario

    The Hornets against the Spurs will be an interesting matchup between a new-blood team against a veteran playoffs team. Hornets is making their first playoff apperance for quite a while and the Spurs are a regular playoffs team. Tim Duncan is the most established low post player in the league now, he will be going off against the upcoming star David West. Both plays the Power Forward position and their respective team have high expectation on them.

    Now, many people say that Spurs are the most boring team in the league, might be due to their slow offence and repetitive gameplay. But that is the reason why they are so consistent. Hornets on the other hand is a fast tempo team and with a respectable defense, manage to win over the heart of the fans. My prediction? The new-blood Hornets to defeat the defending champion Spurs team.

    By the way, game 1 has been played this morning, and the Hornets won. With Tim Duncan playing his worst playoff game so far. ^_^

Pau Gasol and the Lakers will be facing Carlos Boozer and the Jazz

    The other Western semi-final is between the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz. Bear in mind that the Lakers are the only team that sweeps their opponent in their quarter final match up. This meaning they have a lot of rest before facing the Jazz. The newly acquired Pau Gasol will give Carloss Boozer from the Jazz a tough match up.

    Judging from they way both teams played, the Lakers are playing on their top level ever since they last won the NBA championship. Jazz won over a Rockets team that have little offensive go-to guy, but the Lakers are a totally different team. Expected the Jazz to be win a game or two, but the Lakers will move on.

Eastern Conference match up

Who will be facing the Cleveland Cavaliers?

    This might shock everyone, but the Hawks managed to force the Celtics to a decisive game 7. They will be playing tomorrow to see who will face the Cavaliers. Whichever team wins, the Cavaliers will be in a hard series against them. Other than Daniel Gibson, there is little or none known pure shooter in the Cavs bench.

    If the Cavs are to face the Celtics, Cavaliers will have a hard time dealing with them. If the Cavs is facing the Hawks, the Cavs will still stand a chance to win. Right now it is too early to say who to win as the decisive game 7 between the Celtics and the Hawks will be tomorrow.

Detroit Pistons taking on Orlando Magic

    Now now, this is a repeat of last year match up, where the Pistons dominate the Magic 4 games to none. However, this year the Magic have improved. With the NBA Most Improved Player, Hedo Turkoglu became one of the clutch go-to guy that every opponent is afraid of.

    The Pistons is known for their defense. Arguably to have the most balance starting five in the East, they live up to that expectation by claiming some of the best defensive stats in the league. Tayshaun Prince in particular, is the team main perimeter defender.

    I seriously do want to see the Magic steam-roll over the Pistons. But sad to say, game 1 have been played earlier today, and the Pistons came out vicotrs. >_<

Posted at 07:07 pm by Josh524

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