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Saturday, May 10, 2008
EPL is alive and kicking again!

    As per my previous blog entry, I did stated that Man Utd will win the EPL. But right now, its finally down to the final day of the league. Chelsea have played a turmendous catch-up game and the EPL title can go to either team! To make it simpler, all Chelsea needs to do is get a win and hope that Man Utd lose or draw.

Predicted there will be alot of trash talking for the winning team

    Man Utd have a way better goal difference, so I am still sticking to my earlier comment that Man Utd will win it this seasion.

    On the other end of EPL, the relagation battle is still ongoing as only 1 out of the following 3 teams will have the chance to play in the EPL next season.

It will be a battle between Fulham, Birmingham & Reading

    Goal difference plays a major part here as well. Fulham have a better goal difference compare to the other 2 teams, but of course Fulham still need to win just in case the other 2 teams won but Fulham does not.

    You guys see the pattern here? The goal difference plays a huge role when it comes to the closing game like this. Thus, to have a superior goal difference, teams might need to consider hiring these players...

The Shaolin Soccer's team

Posted at 11:13 pm by Josh524

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