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Friday, May 16, 2008
Singapore Blog Awards

   Here is another interesting contest for fellow bloggers. Although it is name as the Singapore Blog Awards, it is open to anyone who owns a blog regardless of nationalities! Now everyone can participate in this. First, get yourself register here, or you can nominate other blogger here

   Remember to register or nominate asap because the closing date is on the first of June. That's the first step. 

   For the next step, a selected panel of judges will judge which blog will make it to the next round. As there are 7 award categories, there will be 10 blogs selected for each award for the public to vote.

   Later on, the top 10 blogs for each award will be announced to the public and they can vote for their favourite blog. The breakdown will be 30% base on public vote and 70% by professional judges. So even if you have a rich dad like MDG Cindy's does not guarantee you to win it. ^_^

   Last but not least, the winner will be awarded with a customised blog button, a trophy, and a laptop! So what are you waiting for? Click on the pics below to get started!

   So remember this:

Step 1: Nominate or Register
Step 2: Pray to god that your blog will be among the top 10
Step 3: If you are chosen, go advertise and ask for people to vote for your blog
Step 4: Pray to god again that the judges like your blog and hence becoming the award winner.

Posted at 03:20 pm by Josh524

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